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Figaro Coffee Company Opens at Barrington Place

I must admit, I am not a fan of a coffee for a long time, I remembered mom told me that if I’ll drink coffee at the young age, it will make my hair gray on which I am afraid of. In addition to that, when I tried to drink coffee for the first time, it gives me a bad impression of its bitter taste which I am not fond of, but not until the day that I purchased my coffee from Starbucks, quite expensive coffee but I love the taste of the Java Chip Frappuccino that awaken my sleepy soul and recharge my energy to last for a day. And from that day, the coffee story begins…

I am now visible in some coffee shop around the metro, not just to have coffee but also to taste their delectable cheesecakes and pastries, to enjoy their non-coffee drinks while having a good conversation with my bf, to accompany and listen to my friend’s rants and horrible stories, and most of all, just having my favorite drink and read the latest issue of magazines, from food to fashion, lifestyle to housekeeping, sports to showbiz entertainment and so on.  I have been to Starbucks, Coffee Bean and the Tea Leaf, Seattle’s Best and Figaro. Every one of them has a special space in my heart, because every one of them has something special that I always look forward on every visit.
Last Friday (November 18, 2011), I was invited to the Grand Opening of Figaro Barrington Place Branch located along Congressional Avenue, Quezon City. It was my first time to attend on a coffee shop opening and I really had a great time being present at such as early as of 9 o’clock in the morning event. Through pictures, I’ll tell you guys what had happened on such blessed day.
Of course, in every store opening there’s always a ribbon cutting, but before the cutting of ribbon, the Priest said a little prayer and blessed the Figaro Coffee Barrington Place Branch. And here we go… the Ribbon Cutting - with the Franchisee owner and his son.
After that there’s a throwing of candies and coins for Good Luck and Prosperity. And they said that, if I have those candies and coins, I will be lucky, too. So guys, I think you already know what I did? Ha-ha. I still have the coins and candies on my bag upon writing this.
And then they gave us money exclusive just for the Figaro’s Dry Run to be use in purchasing anything available in the counter
My favorite part… E a t i n g  T i m e!!!
Aside from the food, I love how cozy and spacious the Figaro Barrington branch. It’s so home-y and quiet. Well, this could be a great place to hide out and it’s also applicable for any business meeting.
To know more about Figaro you can visit their website at and become updated on their Facebook Fan Page and Twitter!/figarocoffeeph.

Congratulations Figaro Barrington Place Branch!



  1. Wow! kakainggit. I've never been in an opening of any store.. haha. Sana I get to be invited too, soon.

  2. @ Ness; I'll let you know pag meron ulit. :)


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