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FINESSE - I'll Take Care Of You!

Finesse Shampoo
Tuesday, October 25, sizzles as hot and hunky celebs and some blogger friends gather together to take the time out to join a so-called Activation event at the Silver City in Pasig.
Andrew Wolff
Meet the Finesse hunks along with some players of the Philippine Volcanoes and let the Finesse hairstylists work wonders in your hair afterwards. The thrill begins at 11 pm on the 25th. And it's all for free, courtesy of Finesse! Get a chance to bond with the finesse hunks and celebrities of Finesse Self-Adjusting Shampoo through this rare opportunity.
For one, bonding with select members of the national rugby team, even just for a few moments, will make you every woman's envy. But there is something else that will make you the envy of other women: your hair suddenly becoming silky smooth and so manageable with just a small application of Finesse shampoo and conditioner. Finesse is THE brand that really takes care of your hair. It has a self-adjusting formula. Hair when dishevelled easily falls right back into place. You can curl parts of your hair even just with your bare hands while hair is still a little wet  because of the high level of manageability of Finesse-shampooed and conditioned hair. What's more, hair looks shiny and feels soft to the touch. After the session this Thursday with a Finesse hair stylist, you can look at yourself in the mirror with the assurance that what you see is the look that has become attainable for you, thanks to Finesse. You can look your best any other time and place as long as Finesse remains your hair care choice.

What's so special about this shampoo-conditioner brand, anyway? Better believe it: Finesse Self-Adjusting Shampoo is the intelligent shampoo. Its self-adjusting formula provides only the nutrients your hair needs, thus preventing build-up or weigh-down.

The event at the Silver City this October 20 heralds your sustained experience of having a consistently beautiful hair. The chance to try out Finesse Self-Adjusting Shampoo that day could well be your best experience ever at hair care. Regardless of your type of hair, there is an appropriate Finesse variant: one is Texture Enhancing for normal, healthy hair. Another is the Moisturizing dry, for coarse or damaged hair, and Volumizing for fine or thin hair.

As you hobnob with the hunky celebrity guests of Finesse this Thursday, imagine a hunky man’s hand running through your head, massaging your head to perfect relaxation and washing your hair clean with water slowly cascading through its strands, and those masculine hands would seem to be stroking every strand, lathering on Finesse Self-Adjusting Shampoo.

Do you think that's such a wild idea? Not at all. Eat your heart out, but some lucky call center agents got the chance of their lives to have the Finesse celebrity hunks work on their hair with Finesse. It happened just recently, as Finesse embarked on its “I'll Take Care of You” Call Center Invasion where Finesse hunks, including Philippine Volcanoes' Andrew Wolff went to various call centers to give agents tender, loving haircare. The Finesse Hunks shampooed more than a hundred call center agents using Finesse Self-Adjusting Shampoo. 
Call centers invaded include: Eperformax, Teletech, Concentrix, SPI Global, TRG, Teletech, and many others. Aside from enjoying a one-of-a-kind shampoo experience, call center agents also had free styling from the Finesse Stylists who blow-dried/ curled their hair and, of course, styled it using Finesse Styling Aids.

The call center agents have a chance to win an Ipad 2 and Samsung Digicams during raffle draws on the following dates:

                October 30, 2011                            Samsung Digicam
                November 15, 2011                         Samsung Digicam
                November 30, 2011                         iPAD 2

Get to know more about Finesse. Visit
A once-in-a-lifetime experience? Truly unforgettable! And yes, the result is sustainable, that on the hair, that is.

Happy Long Weekend!


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  1. I can't think of many things I like better than getting my hair washed (by someone else that is)...... that and feet rubs!


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