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PCIJ MEDIA Killings Series Part 2 “The Herson Hinolan Case: SEE NO EVIL”

The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism in partnership with GMA News TV airs The Herson Hinolan Case: See No Evil this Saturday night at 9:55 pm on Channel 11.

Herson Hinolan was a hard-hitting radio broadcaster for Bombo Radyo Kalibo. Hinolan’s bombastic and aggressive commentary earned him the ire of many Aklanon politicians. Colleagues remember that Hinolan even engaged in a heated argument with Lezo Mayor Alfredo Arcenio while on the air, to the point where the two challenged each other to a gunfight.

Hinolan was shot on the night of Nov. 13 2004 upon emerging from a town carnival. The gunman and an accomplice fled the scene on board a motorcycle. A few days later, police achieved a major breakthrough when three witnesses came forward to identify the gunman as Mayor Arcenio himself. The three executed affidavits stating that they saw Arcenio walk behind Hinolan and pull the trigger before jumping onto a bodyguard’s motorcycle. With three witnesses in the bag, authorities thought it was “case closed.”

A few months after the murder, however, one witness after another recanted, contradicting their earlier affidavits.  Seven years later, the case is still pending before the Cebu Regional Trial Court. In an interview with the PCIJ, Mayor Arcenio says he never attempted to influence any of the witnesses.

Don’t miss The Herson Hinolan Case: SEE NO EVIL, the second instalment of the five-part series of PCIJ Media Killings this Saturday, November 26, 9.55pm after Front Row on GMA News TV. 


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