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Shamcey Supsup – the new face of Pizza Hut Family

I know almost most of us have already seen the new TV Commercial of Pizza Hut introducing Shamcey Supsup as their new endorser. First, I thought that she was a replacement for Venus Raj, but boy, my thought was wrong; she is the new face, an additional member of growing family of Pizza Hut. Shamcey Supsup for Tuscani Pizza!
Simple yet abundant. Thin yet full-flavored. These words may well describe the young life and achievements of Miss Universe 2011 3rd Runner Up Shamcey Supsup. Graduating Magna Cum Laude from the State University, landing the top spot in the Architecture Licensure Exams and then besting more than 85 of the most beautiful girls in the universe, the simple waif-thin girl with the endless legs is living a full life. And I must say the first achiever beauty queen in the country. And I wannna say thanks to Alwin of TheCityRoamer for a chance to have a great time with Shamcey. Thank you so much Alwin. =)

Perhaps this is the reason why Shamcey also prefers food that is as down-to-earth and full-flavored. At a recent press conference held at the Pizza Hut Bistro in Glorietta Makati, Shamcey proudly introduced Pizza Hut’s New Tuscani Pizza. Thinner than ever, yet bursting with flavors, Pizza Hut’s New Tuscani is freshly made traditional crust that is soft on the inside and slightly crisp on the outside. Tuzcani Pizza comes in a variety of exciting flavors – Supremo, Premium All Meat, Shamcey’s favorite 3-Cheese Bacon and Spinach, Gourmet BBQ Chicken and Roast Beef.
Shamcey also personally served the Tuscani Pizza to us – bloggers! What a fabulous night wherein our pizza was served directly on our plate with no other than Miss Universe 3rd Runner Up Shamcey Supsup. *smile*
I love the soft and chewy flavor that is just ideal and not too oily. Pizza Hut’s Tuscani Pizza’s slightly crispy crust is just the right thickness that’s easy to hold but not too thick as to overpower the rich flavors of the delightful toppings. This is the perfect pizza for those fun barkada nights and the times when I need an energy boost to meet all my engagements. The thinner crust and the fuller flavor just tease my taste buds no end, Shamcey adds.
Simply dial 911-1111 and have your Tuscani Pizza delivered hot on the dot. Pizza Hut is home to country’s Pinaka-Pizza, serving awesome food with fast and friendly service. 
For more awesome dishes, check out Pizza Hut’s website at or be a fan of Pizza Hut on facebook.



  1. unfortunately haven't tasted anything from pizza hut

  2. @ Julia; thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment sweetie. :) Hmm.. well, i guess you should try it. :D


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