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Soyami – Guiltlessly Eating Sooooo Yaaaaaa Miiiiiiii Chips!

Wooooohooo. Yeah I know, my title should be a little chicky because how anyone could say that eating chips is guiltless if you are the type of a health-conscious person, huh? I am a health-conscious person and I can proudly say, loud and clear, that I am eating chips guiltlessly! Thanks to SOYAMI, I don’t have to deprive myself from eating chips; I am Snacking without the G-U-I-L-T!

I know most of you guys who read my blog knows that I fond drinking Soya Milk, I’ve been posted several blog entries about it, how good it is, blah-blah-blah and yadah-yadah goodness of Soya. So, when I heard that there’s a snack/chips that made of real Soya, I got excited! I have to ask the boyfriend, who like Soya Milk so much too, to go to the supermarket and buy me some Soyami Soya Chips. And the boyfriend bought me not one, but two Soyami Soya Chips in Original and White Cheddar Flavors. Yay!
Three Flavors to choose from: Original, White Cheddar and Pizza
Fast forward…
I really enjoyed my first Soyami Soya Chips that I haven’t notice that it is almost gone while watching TV and when I’m done with the first pack which is in White Cheddar Flavor, I grabbed the second pack, the Original Flavor, to start eating again. Wow, it’s my first time to eat two packs of chips in an hour and I still want more. Ha-ha. Oh well, I am not guilty eating Soyami Soya Chips simply because it is Sooooo Yaaaa Miiiiiiii. *smile* Kidding aside, each package consists of Soya and wheat flour, wherein it provides protein and calcium – so it is really guiltless, because it is soooo yaaaa miiiii-liciously healthy.
With Soyami, I can eat chips whenever I want and wherever I am! I don’t need to have any warriors to fight and burn calories intake which I mostly did when I ate chips, fries, and junk foods. Today, I can sit prettily and just enjoy eating my Soyami Soya Chips.

From now on, Soyami will be on grocery list because it is not just ordinary snacks that satisfy my chips craving but it is now also part of my healthy diet and lifestyle. And boy, it is highly recommended by the Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition. Thanks for having NO MSG and for being a 0% TransFat snack! I can stocked them on my office pedestal so that I can eat them anytime.
Bye-bye Junk Foods! Enough of the talking visit the nearest groceries and buy some Soyami Soya Chips so that you can also experience eating chips without guilt.

For more details or information about SOYAMI SOYA CHIPS, visit their website at and Like SOYAMI SOYA CHIPS official Facebook Page and Follow SOYAMI SOYA CHIPS in Twitter @healthysoyami

Seize the day with guiltless pleasures!



  1. Thank you for supporting the Soyami! Nice post!

    Goodluck :) I love Soyami...

  2. gonna have to check them out. thanks for sharing, love. I've got a new post all about pushing your style to the edge of fashion. Love to hear what you think. Thanks, love. xo


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