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I am Germ-Free with “Conzace Viral Smackdown” – the new facebook app!

I hate germs! So I always bring with me any hand sanitizer so that I can cleanse my hands before I eat. But I don’t think that’s enough, because there are so many immovable viral germs around us. Oh well, pollution is not just over the metro but everywhere!

Hey guys, look what I have discovered as I browsing the facebook app – ConZace Viral Smackdown! This application is an interactive facebook game wherein I have to play along with germs, viruses and microbes, and kill them. Meanwhile, ConZace Viral Smackdown application is sponsored by ConZace Heavy Duty Community that intends to make us responsive about the viruses around us and of course how we can prevent and cure them.
It sounds interesting to me, because to start to play with, I need to have a webcam. Then the only graphics you will see is the germs that keep on attacking your body. What comes first on my mind when something attacks me? Well, hit them; smash them with my hands to make them away from me.

Technically, in order to earn points, I need to swat, dodge and kick the microbes, germs and viruses.

The games have three levels, wherein:
Level 1. Swat the yellow microbes. You have to swat the microbes using your hands in order to prevent them attacking you. And this makes 2 points each time you hit microbes with your hands.
Level 2. Dodge the Green Germs. This level is more challenging because you have to swat and dodge at the same time. You need to swat the yellow microbes and you have to dodge when the Green Germs is attacking, therefore you have to avoid the Green Germs touched your body, else 3 points will be deducted from your score.
Level 3. Kick the Red Virus. The most challenging level, because on this level you have three enemies, the yellow microbes, green germs and the red viruses. Same mechanics for the yellow microbes and green germs but to the red viruses, you have to kick them out! In order to do so, you have to hit these red viruses with your hands. For this level, you’ll earn 5 points for every yellow microbes and red virus you hit, but if you failed to avoid the green germs, 5 points will be deducted on your score.
Tantaranan... I scored:

I have fun playing this game. I’ll update this post with my video playing this augmented reality play of Conzace Viral Smackdown once uploaded in YouTube (my slow connection sucks!).

If you want to try this app, please like them on facebook and start beating the germs, microbes and viruses! Be sure you have your webcam in order to play this game.

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