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Lopez Museum: Reverb and Chabet Art Exhibit

Wow! Feels like I am still in school and still in awe, when I visited The Lopez Memorial Museum and Library last Friday, December 16, 2011 located at the Ground Floor Benpres Building, Exchange Road corner Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Center,  Pasig City. It was a spectacular day full of different and captivating sounds and arts exhibit. A different sounds and arts that made me hark back to the days when I am in school and joined some poster making contest during the celebration of the “Linggo ng Wika.” An oslo paper plus the different colours of oil pastel was good enough to draw what I thought about our theme. Well, those were the days when everything was more on “I have to do this for my grades!” and “I have to passed!” Ha-ha. Kidding aside, those were also the days, when I embraced the love of Art, but not to the level of know-this and know-that type of person in terms of art but I can barely say – the one that appreciate arts and acknowledge somebody’s gifted talent. 

The Lopez Memorial Museum & Library is the oldest privately owned and publicly accessible museum and library in the Philippines that embodies the founder’s commitment to advancement of scholarship and learning, search for truth, and in the rendering of the greatest service to the community.

What is REVERB?
REVERB (12 September 2011 – 3 April 2012) is as much about emitting sound as it is about returning/bouncing off surfaces including bodies in space – the taken for granted architecture that frames what and how we can hear. It is a deliberate attempt to bring on active listening – an ironic privileging of muzak while simultaneously implicating oneself in its negation.

CHABET means…
The art exhibit of ROBERTO CHABET (10 November 2011 – 14 April 2012), this could be very well be fraught journey – one that enables the upending of myths or their further fuelling. Roberto Chabet’s art practice spans half a century, those venturing to make sense of his work maybe tempted to anchor it to merely timebound frames and thus inadvertently reduce it to banalities.

Guys and Gals let me share with you my experience as well as the photos on what I seen inside the museum, the work-of-arts and sound-of-arts that I found so out of the ordinary and remarkable creations from the Spanish Era to the future.

Roberto Chabet "Orange Land, 1961"
For me, it's like a building's top-view from a sun because of the orange-y effect.
I can also see a face with a mask.
Roberto Chabet "Four Directions, 1999"
Each color has a meaning wherein:
Amber is for Generosity
White is for Buddha
Green is for Karmic Works
Red is for Heart
Pablo Biglang-Awa "Decoy Loop, 2011"
The Oldest Projector and DVD Player that runs for 15 seconds (looped). I like how compact the projector is.
Roberto Chabet "Tabo, 2011"
There are 12 TV sets and 12 DVD Players lying on the floor and arranged with different angles.
It plays the running water of the Pasig River from the 12 regions, the voice over was translated into a Spanish Language. I am so amazed on the brilliant idea of the artist to come out with this.
Maria Christine Muyco "Culture in Sibod: Sounding-In Panay Bukidnon's Tradition and Transitions, 2011"
Composed of Litgit, Suganggang, Tikumbu, and Anarupot.
Anarupot is the plastic container, metal pot lid and the metal rod.

Kawayan De Guia "Evol Scisum, 2011"
This is a broken records, wood, record covers, asphalt speakers and a DVD Player.
It  lights when the sound is on.
Pablo Biglang-Awa "D-I-Y Chabet Installation Projects: Sitting, Standing, Lying, Walking"
This was a 3D Animated Art shown thru a projector, the objects are moving in the video.
Cris Garcimo "Synthlophone, 2011"
A Xylophone, circuit bent sound devices created from low voltage electronic devices.
It looks like a kid toy. Oh well, I am still a kid-at-heart.

JC Jaucian "The Machine (Model for Perpetual Energy), 2011"
Upon seeing this, I reminisced my college days, this works because of the metal ball
keeps moving because of the Electromagnetic field.
I even have seen Jose Rizal letters for his loved ones. So, to my high school classmate and friend Jonathan Balsamo, if you haven’t visited the museum yet, you must have to, lots of Rizal pieces and lots of art have been stored and preserved here that give so much awareness about our culture and history.
The Library
Jose Rizal's Letters.
Rizal has a very beautiful penmanship.
There’s a lot more art exhibitions The Lopez Museum has store for us, so better pay a visit and wonder on these beautiful conceptions. 
Every time I visited a museum, I feel that being an artist is not just having a good art work but on how you touched people by just looking on your masterpiece. Chabet Exhibition really had a great artwork because he touched my inner self just by looking and exploring his creations.  It has been a silent sanctuary for me; many thoughts keep taunting me during my visit, that I can draw my dreams to make them into reality. I just realized that the “Orange Land,” is really appropriate to me. Why? As I have said earlier, I can see a top-view of a building from the sun, I can also see face with a mask, which I can relate on my past, present and future. Past for the face with a mask, yes I wore a thousand mask way back in school, I am more on pretending to be someone like this, someone like that. I need to be strong, I need to be happy and I don’t want that somebody pity me for my emptiness, because during those days I feel like I am nothing, that I don’t exist and I’d rather say I wanted an attention. But I am glad that I overcome that fear, Today, I am now face the world with happiness, with contentment,  and more of giving Thanks for having a blessed life, that I am still a fortunate person. And that’s the Orange color reflects to me – Happiness and Energy. Energy to work on with dreams for the future and that is the top-view of the building. Well, not a sort of a building but I am looking forward to build my first apartments in Bulacan next year. This could be the start of building my dreams to reality. So today, I am happy and energetic to work on with my investments in order to have a better and happier future.

Zero in Reverb Exhibition runs until April 3, 2012

Museum Hours:
Mondays to Saturdays (except Holidays)
8:00am – 5:00pm

Admission Fees: 
Adults: Php 100.00
High School / College Students: Php 80.00
Elementary Students: Php60.00

For more info you can visit their website at For inquiries, you can also email them at For more updates about Lopez Museum, please like them at facebook and follow them on twitter

You can view more photos here:


  1. This exhibit is so educational. Great for students. Schools should include this on their field trip instead of bringing them to Star City or Enchanted Kingdom.

  2. This exhibit is so educational. Great for students. Schools should include this on their field trip instead of bringing them to Star City or Enchanted Kingdom.

  3. Educational talaga ah. I'd love to see Rizal's handwriting myself. :)

  4. These art pieces are so unique and cool! I definitely agree with what the commenter before me said.. :)

  5. the exhibit looks so interesting!

  6. Good for you, going to museum such as this may even help me understand art more, thnx for the info , will definitely visitt


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