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Nokia N9 x Smart

Smart launched the much anticipated all-screen smartphone Nokia N9, held at The Privé, Luxury Club, The Fort, Taguig. Lots of known personalities both in business and showbiz were present to witness the grand launch of Nokia N9 brought to you by SMART.
People. Food. Drink. Tequila. And lots of Tequila. It’s a night with so much fun!
This beautiful, high-tech phone comes with the most amazing value-laden plans available only from SMART. Get your Nokia N9 for FREE at Smart’s Unlimited Data Plan 2000(16gb) and 3000(64gb), and all-in Plan 3500(16gb). You can also get your Nokia N9 (64gb) at All-in Plan 3500 with P1,200.00 cash out.

Happy Weekend!
P.S. I also accept Smartphone Nokia N9 this Christmas. 



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