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Tiger Energy Playground for Hospicio de San Jose Children

Christmas is really a time for giving and making kids happy. Oh well, Christmas for me are for the kids to make them happy and feel that they are loved. And I am hoping and praying that every day is Christmas so that there will be more generous people out there who are willing to share their blessings and love to everyone, especially to the kids.
I am so thankful that I am blessed to have a happy family, not a perfect life though. But still I have a family that gives me love, support financially and emotionally, education, and material things that a kid would love and pray to have. Furthermore, every time that I see kids in street begging for some money or foods to eat, my heart melts. I wish that their parents never get pregnant and produced offspring that afterwards they will abandoned. What life lies ahead for these kids? Oh, I pray that these kinds of parents never exist so that there are no innocent children that at the young age, working hard to have foods to eat.  *sigh*
On the lighter side, Hospicio de San Jose is a charity community who gives love, shelter, food, and even education not just for the abandoned kids but also with the oldies, pregnant women who wanted to surrender the baby upon giving birth. They are truly have a BIG HEART and I adore and salute them for being a good Samaritan and for giving hope to those people that already helpless.
Meanwhile, Kraft Tiger Energy Biscuit is so generous to turn over the first playground in the Philippines that transforms kid’s energy into electrical energy. On which, the electrical energy are can be used for the lighting of the Christmas tree and playground. The turnover happened last December 15, 2011, at the Hospicio de San Jose playground. This Tiger Energy Playground was created by the Mapua ECE students.
 After hours of playing, kids have produced electrical energy enough to light the Hospicio de San Jose’s Christmas tree.
Kids were so happy to know that there were an additional merry-go-round and seesaw to play with in the playground. They even produced a special numbers to show how grateful and happy they are for having these two additional items on their playground. 
Cutie and talented Kids! Thanks Kraft Philippines and Tiger Energy Biscuits for making Hospicio de San Jose Children happier this Christmas!

Spread the Love and Enjoy the Gift of Giving.


  1. that's true. Christmas is truly a spirit of giving and your right about the children living on the streets, they shouldn't be left alone by their parents. i pity them too. nice post. :)

  2. @ Erwin; thanks so much for the comment. Yeah, that's true, Every individual should undergo seminar before anything else about how to be a responsible parent.


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