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Urban Athletics Launched Dada Footwear and Pilipinas Street Plan

I love footwear, every time I buy something for my precious feet I always buy two pairs. It’s my happiness and that’s one of the reasons why I work so hard. I always love to shop to a boutique or store that caters most of the brands I and even P usually look for.
Urban Athletics is one of them; I remembered when my officemate heard that VANS has new line of shoes, we first headed to Urban Athletics before going to the VANS boutique which is also located in Greenbelt 3. Maybe you’ll ask why Urban Athletics first? Well, why not? We just hitting not two birds in one stone but more in one shop, simply because Urban Athletics have a synergy between authentic sports and street wear brands like Adidas Originals, Converse (which I am a fan of, since high school days), VANS (P’s favorite), Radii, Zoo York (which also P’s favorite and I bought a super nice hoody sweater as a Christmas Gift to him), Nike 6.0, Zuriick, Manhattan Portage and more, forms of cutting edge store that infuses attitude with style. Aside from that, Urban Athletics are not limited to shoes, they also features sneakers, apparel, gear and alternative accessories.
Meanwhile, Urban Athletics launched the Dada Footwear and Pilipinas Street Plan, additional members of the growing family of Urban Athletics in 2nd Pulse Saturdays last Saturday, December 3, 2011. Wherein, they combined music and urban fashion as it unveiled two new brands that hit the store – Dada Footwear and Pilipinas Street Plan.
Dada is the hottest urban basketball brand in Europe that produces clothing and apparel for the hip-hop community. Dada began as a hat and T-shirt company in 1995, which was aimed to target the urban basketball youth. “The Dada urban and athletic line is sold in major athletic retailers worldwide and has been endorsed by athletes including NBA players Latrell Sprewell, Chris Webber, Karl Malone and Horace Grant. Entertainers from Snoop Dogg, Ludracris and even Leonardo Di Caprio have also endorsed the product. Watch out for Dada as it hits stores this December” added Vinas, Dada Brand Manager.

Dada Footwear:
"Urban Athletics continues to be the trend-setter when it comes to urban sports fashion and street wear. With the arrival of Dada footwear, our market can expect the freshest drops from this very popular brand. It will definitely excite the members of the hip-hop community but the urban fashionistas as well," said Toby P. Claudio, founder of Urban Athletics.               

For more details, updates, and events by Urban Athletics, call (632) 501-3274. You can also visit the website, or you can find them on Facebook or Twitter.

So now, you have more reasons to shop at Urban Athletics.


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