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Xin Wang Hongkong Café

Yay, I am such a foodie explorer, i guess. After PortugueseFusion, Bubblyfluffy went to Hongkong and Singapore at the same time, to taste even yummier treats with a twist from Xin Wang Hongkong Café. I know most of my friends know this restaurant because they are working in Singapore and visited Hongkong more often, for I, did not even have the opportunity to travel to the said countries. Oh well, I am still dreaming of visiting them in the near future to wander at the famous Universal Studio and Disneyland, respectively and of course, to have a food trip.
Meanwhile, I could taste the Singaporean and Hongkong cuisine every time I crave for, because they are readily available here in the Philippines, located in SM MOA (near IMA), thanks to the people behind the Xin Wang Hongkong Café, as they opened the restaurant yesterday. Because of them, I don’t have to deprive myself every time I crave for these cuisines.
So now, let me introduce to you the foods we ate at Xin Wang Hongkong Café, however, I forgot to list the name of the dishes  as well as the prices, so please bear with me, I will update this once I visit the restaurant soon.. Hmm... I’d rather say, before the month ends.
Oh, plus the interior design is so cozy and refreshing and relaxing ambiance. I so love this super cool and nice restaurant, I can’t wait to bring P here and see him at awe. Moreover, I need to come back to try their Famous Snow Ice, because I was already full yesterday to eat more.

Xin Wang Hongkong Café | SM MOA

P.S.  2 more days and I will be signing off from work for the year 2011, so expect more food escapade as I explore the metro. Yey!




  1. Yum!! This all looks so delicious!

  2. @ Amber; yes they are! thanks for the comment sweetie. =)

  3. Interesting! Is it more of a dimsum place or a casual chinese dining place? I'm sure my family would want to try it here.

  4. yummy! This looks so delicious! What a great restaurant :)

  5. hii.. Nice Post

    Thanks for sharing

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  6. @ Tsinoy Foodies; it is a casual chinese dining restaurant. =) Thanks for the comment and visit. =)


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