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My Happy Place: Enchanted Kingdom!

Finally! After 25 years of existence in the world, been in ups and downs, I was able to go to my dream “My Happy Place.” I always am kid-at-heart and am starting to appreciate little things and to live my life to the fullest. Enchanted Kingdom is one of my happy places and I am in so much happiness when Marj invited me to accompany her on the Enchanted Kingdom’s Thanksgiving Party to the media before the 2011 ends – spell lucky, ME! Though, 
Eldor thanks the media
Theater Actor and Actresses also had an enchanting performance
I have plans that day, I have to cancelled them, I don’t even attend our Team’s Christmas Party the night before going to Enchanted Kingdom, because I might get drunk and won’t wake up early. I am so happily congratulates myself that finally, I am such a happy-lucky-gal that visited my Happy Place for the First Time. Enchanted Kingdom fulfilled the empty happiness that could only be found on my happy place. Thank you!
Enchanted Kingdom
It was raining though . But it did not stop me to work around and do some photo ops. It’s my first visit and I wanted to paint a thousand of fond memories. So, I got my umbrella and my Nikon buddy and here we go.. I was so ready to explore everything side of my happy place: Enchanted Kingdom.
Welcome to Enchanted Kingdom
Enchanted Kingdom: Eldor and Me
I am going back here before the month of March ends, maybe on my birthday because first time was also a lucky because I just won 3 ride-all-you-can tickets. Wishing that the weather will be fair, so, I can try all the rides. 

Some of the rides:
Magical and enchanting places:

Souvenir items and cutie accessories:
I have so much FUN! Everything was worth it. And I love to keep coming back on my Happy Place. 
You can also visit for more info or like Enchanted Kingdom on facebook to be updated.

How about you guys, what’s your Happy Place ?

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