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Pigout Session at Teacup Café ツ

I am such a sloth when it comes to food. I always forgot that I am on a diet because of my not-so-flat tummy and my lil’ sis is having fun with my belly. I need to get rid these unwanted fats inside my precious body and since I am not getting any younger, my metabolism was already not the same when I was in college. *sigh*
Teacup Café
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Going back to the topic, I am such a foodie junkie. I love to try different foods and different cuisine across the world (well, I am planning of going to India, I want to feel the culture and the real Indian foods, hopefully my saving permits me to go this year! ). And aside from that, the homey ambiance and some sort of restaurant that has a personal touch is really an awesome restaurant that will keep me going back to the restaurant and that’s what I felt during my first encounter during the Segunda Mano Press Conferencewith Bb. Joyce Bernal held at the Teacup Café. One of the foods served during the press con was pasta – Carbonara! I liked how creamy and tasteful their carbonara.

So when Janese of LakwatseraMom invited us to revisit the café, I said a big YES! Teacup Café located along Mother Ignacia Street, Quezon City, is truly a baby restaurant because they are just operating for a month. As per Mrs. Boots Maristela, the owner of Teacup Café, the restaurant is an Extension of their home since all of the family members are enjoying cooking and also loves to eat. Every time they go out of town or out of the country they will always look for the good foods to eat to make the vacation worthy though. So, I may say that, To Travel is to Explore Food. Teacup Café is the first food business venture of the family and some of the cuisines are personally cooked by the owner.
Teacup Café: Beef Salpicao
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Beef Salpicao. Beef tenderloin sautéed in olive oil and lots of garlic. One of the best sellers and cooked with no other than Mrs. Boots husband. The beef is tender and the whole thing is so flavorful. I could even eat it without rice.
Teacup Café:Meaty Lasagna
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Meaty Lasagna. A meaty, saucy goodness in between layers of al dente pasta topped with rich bechamel sauce. Gooooodness! I am a pasta fanatic and this one was superb! It was so delish and meaty. Plus, it doesn’t have a “nakakaumay/nakakasawa” factor.
Teacup Café:Chicken Cordon Bleu
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Chicken Cordon Bleu. A tasty roll of chicken breast fillet with ham and cheese, topped with creamy gravy. I know I will be biased with this one because it has a cheese! But then every rule has an exemption and this Chicken Cordong Bleu attest to that. The chicken meat alone was so tasteful that I don’t even notice the cheese inside.
Teacup Café:Assam Milk Tea with Coffee Jelly and Boba Pearls
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Assam Milk Tea with Coffee Jelly and Boba Pearls.

We really had a great time dining-in at Teacup Café. To view more photos click here
Furthermore, Teacup Café also accepts meetings and function wherein the charge is consumable; it’s really a good deal. Plus, a FREE WIFI is also available. To know more information, kindly like Teacup Café on facebook:

Teacup Café
58 Mother Ignacia St., Quezon City

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