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The new GoodAhotpot of GoodAh!!!

I was invited at the launched of GoodAhotpot from Goodah!!!, another sumptuous food escapade experience for Bubblyfluffy, last week in Congressional Avenue branch in Quezon City, and is a part of the make-over and massive expansion program for the brand under its new owners and management, Soyamensa Foods, Inc.  As we all know, living up to its reputation as an innovator and trailblazer in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry, GoodAh!!!  Introduces a new item on its ever-exciting menu—the “GoodAhotpot!”
inside GoodAh!!!
“GoodAhotpot” pledges itself to appeal to loyal GoodAh!!! diners who wish to dine but with their health in check yet still mindful of having the best and tastiest gastronomic experience, which the new “GoodAhotpot” will truly deliver. A hot and healthy concoction complete with meat and vegetables for that truly gratifying and filling meal, “GoodAhotpot!!!” comes in four flavorful variations that GoodAh!!! clients will truly love: Beef, Fish, Pork and Chicken.
cooking the GoodAhotpot
Of course, GoodAh!!! is not just about the new “GoodAhotpot.” There are the all-time favorites like their “Altanghap” lineup like Tapsilog, Tocilog, Longsilog, Goto, Pares and Dinuguan; the “Specials” like the charbroiled chicken, Ribsilog, Litsilog, Inihaw na Liempo, Lumpiang Shanghai; Chicken and Beef Mami for their Lugaw and Mami specials, the GoodAh!!! 99’ers Rice-All-You-Can with Barbeque Chicken, Liempo and Pork, plus Sizzling Pork chop and Sisig, and tempting desserts like Sweet banana, Leche Flan, and Halo-Halo.
pork siomai
all-time favorite leche flan
GoodAh!!! is a well-known and solidly patronized food chain in the country that started back in the 1980’s when it popularized traditional hot and quick-served Filipino snacks like goto, arroz caldo, dinuguan, and pares, including acronym-named ensemble dishes consisting of fried rice base (Sinangag abbreviated to “si”) and fried eggs (itlog, coined as “log”) and then combined with meat dishes like tapa (became “tapsilog”), tocino (became “tocilog”), and longanisa (which became “longsilog”). This iconic food chain also helped popularize catchy phrases like “pagkaing good for every all” and “open 25 hours.”
GoodAh!!! is also a FREE WIFI Zone
GoodAh!!! Congressional Ave., Quezon City
Congratulations GoodAh!!! and more to come!

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  1. Great ideas in the same post. love them all.

  2. asenso na goodAh! we rarely ate there but i remember then for goto! haha


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