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Experience Taiwan. Experience Tea 101.

The Tea 101 experience starts from the heart of Taiwan where the most potent tea leaves grow.  These leaves were handpicked and packaged fresh by capable hands before it was delivered to Tea 101 stores.  The leaves were brewed the traditional way without the aid of metals or machine.  The freshly extracted teas were then mixed with different flavors and sweeteners to make Taiwan’s No.1 Drink.
Tea 101 brings you authentic Taiwanese Bubble Tea topped with imported tapioca pearls, 3Q jelly, nata de coco, red beans or grass jelly.  Flavors range from the bestselling royal milk teas, sweet and filling fruit flavored teas, tangy yakult green teas to plain brewed Taiwan teas for the extra health conscious.  Adventurous spirits could also try Heineken Tea all imported from Taiwan.

Experience the nutritional benefits of tea while enjoying a delicious and satisfying drink.  Share with family and friends for a healthy experience. Experience Taiwan.  Experience Tea 101.
Tea is the product of Camellia sinensis, a plant that grows in tropical and subtropical climates.  The top part of the plant is harvested, dried and eventually packed loose or wrapped in the more popular tea bags.  

Using tea as beverage was first recorded in China in 10th Century BC.  It became popular in East Asia at around 200BC.  19th Century international trade caused tea to spread to the rest of the world.
Tea was brought to Taiwan from China in the 18th Century.  It was in the middle to late 19th Century when tea plantations flourished in Taiwan.  Tea became one of the top three exports of Taiwan under the name “Formosa.”

Tea Houses are popular in Taiwan.  Like China and Japan, Taiwanese also observe tea ceremonies.  Most social activities like dinners, business meetings, weddings and funerals are conducted with a cup of tea.  Every household welcomes visitors with a serving of tea.
Bubble Tea was invented in Taiwan during the 1980s.  Some say it was in Taichung while others say Tainan.  Its popularity was fueled by a feature in a Japanese TV show.  Now, Bubble Tea shops prosper not only in Asia but in Europe and America as well.

The first Bubble tea is a concoction made of black tea, tapioca pearls, condensed milk and syrup.  Now, the bubble tea’s assortment of flavors include different fruits (strawberry, blueberry, wintermelon, green apple, passion fruit, grape, lychee, honeydew, banana, avocado and kiwi), yogurt, yakult, Heineken, coffee, chocolate and soy milk as substitute to condensed milk. 

Tea 101 Bestsellers:
Tea contains multiple chemicals including flavanoides, amino acids, vitamins (C, E and K), caffeine and polysaccharides.  Tea is believed to boost the immune function of the human body as well as prevent dental carries due to the presence of fluorine.  It is beneficial to the digestive system.  It could normalize blood pressure, prevent heart diseases and diabetes and has germicidal properties.  Tea also contains anti-oxidants that have anti-carcinogenic, anti-mutagenic and anti-tumoric properties. 

With all those advantages and practically zero disadvantage, go ahead, drink up and enjoy a cup of bubble tea today!

How to enjoy Tea 101?
1.  Choose your drink.
2.  Choose your size.
     Skyscraper – P85
     Tall – P75
3.  Choose your sinker
      Pearls, Nata Crystal, QQ Jelly, Aloe Vera, Grass Jelly
      Free sinker of your choice with each drink. For additional sinker, add P10.
4.  Choose your sugar level
     100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, 0
5.  Enjoy!

Tea 101
238 Sct. Bayoran cor. T. Morato, South Triangle
Quezon City


  1. hey Bubbly Fluppy treat mo naman kami dito..i like your post btw.

  2. nice... another milk tea store.. they're everywhere na!

  3. Excited to use our vouchers from tea 101! Everything looks delicious! :)

  4. @ JOHN; thanks!

    @ [pinkc00kies]; Absolutely! Everywhere I go, there's a milk tea store.

    @ Berylle Kaye Hong; Yay! where did you get your voucher?

  5. There's one near our place! Makes me want to try the kiwi!

  6. Tea 101 comes with a promo card which entitle everyone to promo freebies and tumbler after you fill inn all the stickers needed.. ask for the promo card while enjoying the taste of Tea 101..:)


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