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Karylle Finds Smile in “Jeunesse – An Anion Sanitary Napkin”

Monthly menstrual period is one my hated season every month. I feel uncomfortable doing the usual things. And most of the times, I am irritated on everything and I lost my temper. So when I got an invite about a feminine sanitary napkin launch, I absolutely said yes, simply because I am sure that I will learn a lot about girl thing and the likes during the event and so I did. One of those, Karylle finds smile during heavy days in Jeunesse.
Singer-actress-TV host-fitness advocate Karylle has found the perfect partner to complement her multi-faceted persona – Jeunesse, newest line of feminine napkin products specifically designed for modern-day Filipinas like the "Showtime" host. The brand’s Sales and Marketing head, Mr. Jericson San Agustin asked why he chose Karylle as their endorser, he gladly answered “We have always admired Karylle’s versatility as a showbiz personality. She can sing, dance, act, host. She also is into health and fitness. She is very versatile. This makes her the perfect choice for our product.”

Jeunesse, which has an all-natural, non-woven and non-irritating material with super absorbent polymer, promises superb absorbency, germ protection, and lasting freshness, as a result of years of combined research by experts. But what makes Jeunesse really stand out is that it has a scientifically-formulated Anion strip that helps reduce odor and feminine discomfort. The strip releases negative-charged ions that neutralizes bad odor attracted to positively-charged ions.
Jeunesse is available in three variants – the Day Pads, Night Pads and Panty Liners. Furthermore, ladies you don’t have to buy an extra pouch or compartment to hold your napkins because Jeunesse are available in resealable packs.

Stay Happy even in heavy days!

For more information about Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins
Phone Nos.:  637-8104/ 0917-5642233

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