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NEW YORK THERASPINE Targets Your Problem Areas Without The Risk

When muscles are sore and bones are tired which I usually feel because of 8hrs sitting in front of computers everyday, doing the normal routine of an office gal, even the smallest steps and the simplest tasks become particularly difficult to endure. Joint pains, stiffness, injuries and other chronic conditions like arthritis and scoliosis make it hard to go about the day like nothing is wrong, and the pain is so personal that no one else understands why.
We resort to quick fixes and go to the nearest neighborhood spa, entrusting our bodies to our favorite masseuse. According to New York (NY) Theraspine Clinic owner and registered Physical Therapist Michelle Natividad, “ It is dangerous to have your bones and back be touched just by anybody. You need professionals to do that.” Ooops, I am guilty of this, whenever I feel that my back aches, I just go the nearest Spa to have some body Massage. I just realized that the comfort they gave only lapse for a small period of time. Spa only gives the temporary relief; they not cure nor target the problem, that’s why we keep coming to their center.

And look what I’ve discovered?  NEW YORK THERASPINE Clinic, they completely understand these problems. With its team of friendly, highly-qualified, even award-winning chiropractors and physical therapists accredited abroad, NY Theraspine offers only personalized the best treatments for the most common neck and back pains, to posture problems, and for stroke rehabilitation. NY Theraspine Clinic employs the methods of Chiropractic — a form of alternative medical treatment that focuses on manual therapy and manipulation of the spine, joints, and soft tissues. When done correctly, chiropractic not only treats existing conditions, but can also prevent potential injuries and illnesses from happening, also preventing surgeries.
For those who suffer from disabling conditions like low back pain, arthritis, fractures, carpal tunnel syndrome or sciatica regardless of age and fitness level, the NY Theraspine Clinic also offers Physical Therapy Rehabilitation, which involves the use of heat treatment, ultrasound, electric stimulation, therapeutic exercise, and therapeutic massage with the aim of restoring each patient’s maximum functional independence. For those who lead active lifestyles and are into sports and intense physical activities, the clinic also offers Sports Physical Therapy and Conditioning which ultimately aims to rehabilitate muscles and treat injuries of both professional and amateur athletes as soon as possible, so that they may continue playing their sport without having to take a long break for treatment.

NY Theraspine also makes use of the Myofascial Release approach, which caters to those who are plagued by headaches, pain, and restricted motion as a result of the tightening of the fascia. This often happens to people who have suffered from trauma — a fall, whiplash, or side-effects from a surgery. With the Myofascial Release approach, therapists individualize each session to cater to each patient’s specific needs, using a number of Myofascial Release techniques and movement therapy to help restore the patient’s range of motion, alleviate pain, and eventually help them return to living an active, free life. NY Theraspine Clinic’s services also include weight management and fitness and conditioning,  showing just how dedicated the clinic is to promoting a healthy, happy lifestyle.

To evaluate your physical condition, visit the NY Theraspine to receive a free initial evaluation.

I so am excited to try their service this weekend. I know, the above post are more of medical technical terms, that’s I wanted to described it at layman’s term and put some photos so we can visualize what is happening during the treatment.  So I’ll keep you posted and stay tuned for my next post. Well, am really looking forward that they will ease the pain I gradually feel at my back. And hopefully they also accept health cards since I am a Maxicare Health Card Holder.
73-G Sct. Dr. Lazacano cor. Sct. Tuazon
Brgy. Laging Handa
Quezon City
Tel Nos.:  375-1035 and 921-9831

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