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Nido Science Discovery Center: National Astronomy Week

2012 The Universe Survives. Nido Science Discovery Center held the National Astronomy Week, last week which also called as the Astro-Con. Meteors. Planets. Stars. Meteorites. Other Astronomical Creatures. These were discussed and it was really amazing to be back in the world of Science. I remember when I was a kid; one of my ambitions was to be an Astronauts. I just love the stars and any others creatures that I have seen up above, so when somebody asked me what I like when I grow up, I answered “Astronaut”. Ha-ha. So, when I visited the Nido Science Discovery Center I was at awe to see those things. It was really an awesome experience to know something and learn again about Astronomy from Nido Science Discovery Center.

Here are some photos during the Nido Science Discovery Center: National Astronomy Week.

Meteors Exhibit.

Moreover, Symposium Synopsis throughout the week of Astro-Con are listed below.

December 21, 2012: Is it Real or Reel? Anatomy of a Movie
Speaker: Prof. Edmund Rosales
2012 The Movie swept the whole world about the impending end of the world. The huge impact created by this movie left the viewer wondering if this catastrophic event would really happen this coming December, 2012. The lecture is intended to examine the movie with science and logic if this is real or reel.

The Importance of Earthquake, Magnetic Field Reversal, and a Tail of Toasted Planet
Speaker: Engr. Camilo G. Dacanay
Natural calamities like earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption, among others has brought devastating effects, damages, and fatalities sending chills of century old belief that the “end” is near. Yet researches in planetary geology and astrophysics and in particular, the observations of Mercury, Venus and Mars when used as a model in forecasting planet Earth’s future, presents an even more cataclysmic scenario if all these geologic activities ceased to operate. This topic aims to clarify what could be unknown to all how nature works to prevent long term mass extinction.

Beyond 2012: Physics, Astrophysics, and the End of the World As We Know It
Speaker: Dr. Jose Perry Esguerra
In some quarters, 2012 evokes a harrowing vision of the end of the world, Specualtions groundedon religious and similar perspectives have a long provenance. This talk will focus on what physics and astrophysics has to say about the end of the world as we know it. Along the way, some order of magnitude estimates for various ends of the world scenarios will be presented.

That’s it, that’s how the way Astronomy Week done.
In every happening, I know Science has a lot of explanation why it happened.
You may also visit the Nido Science Discovery Center anytime and explore the world of Science.

Nido Science Discovery Center
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