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Finally, Susy and Geno Reunited!

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Susy and Genotogether. Sustagen! Yes, they were the two mascots that give me joy whenever I saw them on TV Commercial when I was still a kid. But now, that I am still a kid-at-heart, it is good to see that two lovable individual are back and being together.
Susy & Geno
We’ve seen how patiently searching Susy have been for the last few weeks. And after, all the hardships and of course from the help of many people Susy finally found Geno. Susy and Geno, once again, REUNITED!
And last Sunday, March 11, 2012 at the Market Market Activity Center, I was so happy and lucky to witness their comeback being together. It was the first public appearance in many years for the faces of Sustagen milk in the 80s and 90s, who disappeared from the public eye, only to re-emerge two decades later, starting with Susy’s return last February. Only then would we find out that she and Geno had actually lost touch through the years.They also performed a dance number and ohhh.. Geno kissed Susy.. So Sweet! ♥
Susy arrived first, toting an album she made for Geno containing photos posted by her fans on her fanpage. She was easily spotted by the Market! Market! crowd, though, and was swarmed by well-wishers wherever she would go. A good number of media people were also on hand to cover the momentous event. In fact, it was during one reporter’s interview with Susy that Geno made his grand entrance.
D'Solid Susy & Geno Fans Club
Kids in the 80's and 90's.

They’re so cute! Hmmm.. My heart filled with so much joy and happiness to see them together! Love being a kid again. It was a day that left many misty-eyed with countless happy memories revived—all thanks to Susy, who initially just wanted to see her friend Geno again.

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