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Floring’s Bbq & Grill: The PORKY-licious and CHICKEN-tastic!

BubblyFluffy headed to The Fort for another foodie escapade. I know what is in your mind is that The Fort is known for having a high-end restaurant and bar. But lemme share you the restaurant I visited that was so cheap but with superb food. And yes, it is located in The Fort.

Floring’s BBQ and Grill is catering a Filipino food. They have a variety of food selections; they have fish, vegies, pork, chicken, and seafood. So, if you’re longing for a Filipino authentic food and “lutong-bahay” food, Floring’s is always there to satisfy your cravings. To those who wonder where “Floring” came from, well, it is the name of the owner’s Chef Florabel Co-Yatco and Ricky Laudico.

Let’s start with the Food Adventure.
Pork Bbq. For only P99, you will enjoy this sumptuous porky-licious bbq paired with unlimited plain rice. For P120, this flavorful pork bbq can be paired with unlimited java rice. Cheap, huh?! Yes it is!
The Roasted Grilled Chicken (Lechong Manok). A very juicy-licious chicken in every bite and if I will buy lechong manok everytime my family crave for, I will surely go to Floring’s.
Chicken Diablo (Fried Chicken). A very succulent taste and hell-of-good yummy chicken of Floring’sand this one is one of my favorite. The chicken meat was so tender and flavorful. I even ate it without the sauce.
Pork Sisig. Oh.. la.. la.. Ha-ha. Beer please! Ha-ha. This porky-licious sisig was so good. The moment I tasted it, it was really awesome. Well, I highly recommend this to my friend who loves sisig. They have to try this and I know they definitely agreed on me. By the way, they also serve beers. So, Floring’s can be also a good hideout for barkada bonding.
Ensaladang Talong. Yes, Filipino Restaurant is incomplete without ensaladang Talong and Floring’s have it.
Halo-halo. Just in time for summer. Floring’s halo-halo is simply the best, plus the cheese.Nom.. nom.. nom...
And of course, one way I look for a restaurant is having a relaxing ambiance. Floring’s have it. The beautiful artwork painted on the wall is so nice and give a vibrant aura. The ceilings are so nice and such a cozy place.
yours truly with Chef Florabel
My verdict: I surely come back to taste some more. My next target is to taste their seafood. The food was so amazing and the price was so affordable. But if you are coming at lunch time be ready because there are a lot of people coming during that time. However, Floring’s can accommodate 120 people. The food and the ambiance was so relaxing and inviting.

Floring's Bbq & Grill
Unit 2., 31st St. cor 4th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
 Store Hours: 10:00 am-11:00 pm


  1. Thank you so much. I follow you back.. hungry now when i saw bbq, lol...

  2. the food looks so good - never tried it before but would love to
    would love for you to check out my new post

  3. parang ang sarap!! i should go there SOON!! prices are affordable pa.

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  5. i love any type of filipino-oriented resto. i salivated over your ensaladang talong photo. yum.


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