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PLDT myDSL Biz Gets Speed Upgrade

The old PLDT myDSL Biz menu of services was nothing to sneer at. Compared to wireless broadband internet connections that clock in at about 1 to 2 megabyte per second download speeds, its entry level plan already boasted of a quite capable 4 Mbps. And their old top-of-the-line plan? That came in at a whopping 10 Mbps.

That was until Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT) Company decided to floor the accelerator. They cut it loose so now it’s all speed ahead in the new myDSL Biz.
Imagine a fire hose of web information being blown into your computer at breakneck speed. Brace yourself, because PLDT myDSL Biz is now coming to you faster than ever before. Beginning on March 15, the basic service plan will increase from 4 Mbps to 10 Mbps. The premier plan, “Powerpack C”, is going from 10 Mbps to 15 Mbps. All product plans in between consequently get an upgrade, as well.
Consider what faster speeds can do: In addition to effortlessly maintaining a company website, a faster web connection can allow you options like download live video feeds from remote branches, or support video conferencing.

Besides the speed increase, PLDT myDSL Biz also has a value added service in its security software bundle. This suite includes anti-virus protection, anti-spyware, an impregnable firewall, and a secure fraud protection – all necessary precautions in the world of doing e-business.
Indeed, subscribing to PLDT myDSL Biz will surely benefit entrepreneurs. The cost of doing business is incrementally reduced with e-mail and social networking sites used as effective communication and marketing tools, while efficiency is up because a dependable Internet connection is consistently available in high speed. With a web presence, market reach and revenue may increase as a result of partners and clients being reachable on a global scale.

With the increase in PLDT myDSL Biz’s speed coming this March, PLDT affirms its commitment to provide only the best solutions for businesses. It makes the small and medium sized enterprise available to the billions of people connected on the Internet, making the entire world their customer.

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