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[Week 3] 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition: Finland vs. Portugal

Saturday. February 25, 2012. SM MOA. It was the day for Finland and Portugal to showcased their amazing and sparkling fireworks exhibition to the 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition. It was a day for them to put colors and brighten the dark sky by their wonderful fireworks that being synchronized with a lively, romantic and enchanting sound that left people at-awed after their finale.

Here are some photos captured during the Pyromusical Competition and a little information about them. 

Oy Pyroman Finland Ltd is Finland’s leading supplier of pyrotechnics and special effects. They have been staging events for over 15 years and the forerunner in the field. Their founder, Mr. Markku Alto is the owner and the CEO of the company. Their main office is located in Pitajanmaki, Helsinki, but they supply fireworks across Finland and internationally. Their office and equipment are mobile as the situation requires.
Their recent large-scale projects were: Eurovision 2010 Oslo, Vancouver Olympic Games, Sochi Part, Canada 2010, Eurovision 2009 in Moscow, Eurovision 2008 in Belgrade, Eurovision 2007 Helsinki and the Nightwish Tour 2007-2009.

Their selection of products and services includes all the special effects and fireworks display needed for sports events, corporate functions, live concerts and production of TV programs.

Established in 1995, Grupo Luso Pirotecnia (GLP) has defined itself throughout the years and around the world as a leader in the industry that provides magnificent fireworks and pyrotechnics.

Grupo Luso Piroctenia has gatheres a lot of international recognitions worldwide such as:
  ☼ Japan – 2nd Prize – 2nd International Competition Huis Tem Bosch Pyrotechnician 2010
  ☼ Portugal -  3rd Prize – Festival de Atlantico 2010
  ☼ Vietnam – 3rd Prize – Danang International Fireworks Competition 2010
  ☼ Czech Republic – 1st Prize – 12nd Edition of StarBrno – Ignis Brunensis 2009
  ☼ Czech Republic – Television Trophy for Best Scene – 12nd Edition of StarBrno – Ignis Brunensis 2009
  ☼ Romania – Trophy for Best Artistic Expression – “Bucahrest Golden Nights” 2008
  ☼ China – Excellence Award – 1st Edition of the International Fireworks Competition 2007
  ☼ Germany – 1st Prize – Pyronale 2006
  ☼ France – 1st Prize – “Les Nuits de Feu” Chantilly – 2006
  ☼ Japan – 1st Prize – “VII Sky Concert” – 2004
  ☼ France – 1st Prize – “Les Nuits de Feu” Chantilly – 2004
  ☼ France – 1st Prize – International Fireworks Festival in Cannes – 2003
  ☼ Canada – 2nd Prize – Le Mondial SAQ “Montreal - 2002”
  ☼ Spain – 3rd Prize – International Fireworks Festival in San Sebastian -2001

For 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition schedule, kindly see below:

 * Week 1 [Feb. 11, 2012]: South Korea vs. Malta
 * Week 2 [Feb. 18, 2012]: United Kingdom vs. Spain
 * Week 3 [Feb. 25, 2012]: Finland vs. Portugal
 Week 4 [Mar. 03, 2012]: China vs. Netherlands
 Week 5 [Mar. 10, 2012]: Australia vs. Canada
 Week 6 [Mar. 17, 2012]: Italy vs. Philippines

You may buy tickets at,, and Ticket Prices: Patron (w/ dinner) P1,500.00 VIP P500.00 GOLD P300.00 and SILVER P100.

For more information about the 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition

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