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Bo’s Coffee: Just Roasted Freshness

Yours truly was invited earlier (10:30am) at the Bo’s Coffee bloggers Meet-up in the Bo’s Coffee branch at the 4th level of SM Annex North Edsa. It was an intimate meet-up because there were only 5-6 bloggers per session so that all questions and inquiries are being accommodated.
Bo’s Coffee at the 4th level of SM Annex North Edsa
Bo’s Coffee was first opened as a six-table kiosk in Cebu City in 1996. It was Mr. Benitez’s passion to bring world-class coffee experience to the country. And currently, having a loyal community of coffee lovers, Bo’s Coffee is growing and now has 56 stores in the Philippines. And soon they will operate at Jupiter, Makati City.

Bo’s Coffee offers the high quality and just roasted freshness coffee beans since they are made locally.  So, imagined of having a cup of coffee that comes from newly-roasted coffee beans use for the hot or cold espresso beverages is really a satisfying and indulging sip. Bo’s Coffee also offers a variety of delectable freshly baked cakes and pastries. Furthermore, they have their own commissary for baking their cakes and pastries so that the mouthful taste would be preserve and from their commissary they will deliver the ordered cakes and pastries to the stores nationwide. They really guarantee freshness because they replenish cakes, pastries and sandwiches daily. Meanwhile, they also serve an all-day breakfast and pasta on some of their store.
Bo's Coffee's range of full leaf tea bag. 
Trail Mix | P70
Whatever your mood is, Bo’s Coffee is always there to give you an uplifting drinks whether it’s hot or cold. From the Classic Freeze they have Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Green Tea, Strawberry, Vanilla and Mixed Berry. In addition, you can also enjoy the Froccino Primo that includes Caramelo, Chocalate Chips, Coffee Jelly, Espresso Crumble, Oreo and more.
Biscotti Amaretto
During the meet-up yesterday, we’ve tried the Biscotti Amaretto (Coffee + Biscotti). Not the usual drinks that I have tried on some of the coffee shop because Biscotti Amaretto is a blended coffee with Biscotti and Amaretto Syrup topped with whipped cream, dark chocolate drizzle and sprinkled with crushed biscotti.
Moist Chocolate Cake
Biscotti Amaretto paired with Moist Chocolate Cake, a fresh and moist chocolate cake that really compliments the drink.
Moist Chocolate Cake and Biscotti Amaretto
My verdict: The Biscotti Amaretto is really refreshing and I like how the Amaretto Syrup gives a very cossetting with a twist taste plus the Crushed Biscotti in every sip is really mouthful. The flavorful super moist and freshly-baked Moist Chocolate Cakes is awesome. It is super chocolate-y but not too sweet. I really like this two. And from now on, I am looking forward to visit and taste some of Bo’s Coffee’s offerings.

By the way, if you are conscious with your sugar intake Bo’s Coffee also serve sugar-free beverages and cakes. For more details you can visit their website at

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