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Play Under the Sun with SunPlay

Summer! And because it is summer it is so freaking hot outside. That’s why sunscreen is a must. Well, for quite some time I have been using sunscreen regularly to protect my skin from the heat. As saying goes prevention is better than cure. So I’d rather buy and apply sunscreen religiously than be sorry forever. 

I love playing under the sun. I love capturing moments under the sun. Well, as an enthusiast in photography, having a photoshoot done outdoor produced a beautiful output. That moment that has been captured candidly is just perfectly awesome. A picture that tells a thousand emotions that can take your breath away. Splendid.
Aside from photography, I love outdoor activities. Like playing volleyball whenever we hit the beach and the likes. Well, I also fond doing community service and joining World Vision Blogger’s Trip which held at Cavite was one of them. It was such a very good feeling knowing people that full of love and hope. And they really such an inspiration to everybody (I will be writing a separate post about it). Meeting them was like a realization for me that I should be thankful of what I have.
during the PFF U23 Suzuki National Cup
during our World Vision Blogger's Trip in Cavite
Lots of activities, huh? So, maybe you’ll ask what beauty regimen I am doing in order to maintain the fair complexion. My answer would be simple, for a humid weather like ours water is a MUST. Drink lots of water. I can’t go outside without bottled water inside my bag. As I’ve said, water is really a MUST. It keeps you look fresh in a hotter days and replenished your energy as well. Moreover, I apply sunscreen constantly. Because we must also protect our skin from the harmful UV Rays, we need a sun protection. During normal days (normal means home-office-home), I’m using sunscreen with 40+ SPF. But when I do have an outdoor activity that requires a longer time of exposure under the sun then I prefer using sunscreens with higher SPF. 
And look what I’ve got, there’s a new sunscreen in the market that I’m currently addicted. Simply because, it comes with all these yummy flavors and a handy and pocket size bottles is really a big plus. So, it is really a space and life savers for me! SunPlay is the only sunscreen that offers 130x more SPF. You read it right; a SPF130 is really an ohhhhhsome, so I get a maximum sun protection. It is a Japanese Formula so the watery, non-greasy and what makes me fall in-love with it… non-sticky are just too good for me! I just tried it during my World Vision Blogger’s Trip and I can attest to that… it is non-sticky! It absorbs quickly into skin and does not leave heavy white residue.
By the way, you can buy SunPlay products at Watson’s and SM Department Store. And if you want to win some SunPlay, there’s an on-going Dare to Play with SunPlay Photo Contest on their facebook page Click here for the complete details.

Let’s enjoy the summer and play under the sun with SunPlay.


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