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Contest Alert: Toby’s Sports Give It Your Best Shot

How to Join:
·  Participants may join by creating a video (video should not exceed 2 minutes) that shows his or her best move like dunking on the ring, smashing a tennis ball, kicking a football etc.
·  The video should be posted on Toby’s Sports official fan page ( to be counted as an official entry.
·  Participants may use any video sharing site (ex. Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo etc.) as long as it can be viewed by other people when posted in Toby’s Sports official fan page.
·  Think of a creative title for the video (ex. John’s amazing 360 lay-up for Toby’s Sports!)
·  Participants must encourage their friends to share their video. 

Safety Precautions:
·  Participants must ensure that safety precautions (ex. Warm-up, stretching, conditioning, medical check-ups, etc.) are taken into consideration before performing their move. Protective gear must also be worn at all times during the video. Toby’s Sports will not be liable for any injuries, traumas, accidents or fatalities that may occur during the filming of the video. 
·  Participants must get official permission from the person who owns the place where they are going to shoot the video. Toby’s sports will not be liable for damage to property, trespassing and the like. 

All Participants Shall Attest to the Following: 
·  Participants must be residents of the Philippines in order for their entry to be valid.
·  The video must not have any special effects that will give an unfair advantage to a participant’s sports move.
·  The participant must ensure that he or she is the person doing the move in the video in order for the entry to be valid.
·  There can only be one entry per person. If you wish to change your entry you must delete your old video. Two or more entries will disqualify you from the contest.
·  Toby’s Sports has the right to remove and disqualify videos which are deemed as offensive, vulgar, hateful, racist, and the like.
·  Toby’s sports has full rights to use your video in any way, shape, or form.

Criteria for Judging:
·  50% - Wow factor and difficulty of the move
·  30% - Creativity and originality
·  20% - Number of shares and number of positive comments

Prizes of Winners:
·  1st Place – P5000 worth of Toby’s Sports GCs
·  2nd Place – P3000 worth of Toby’s Sports GCs
·  3rd Place – P2000 worth of Toby’s Sports GCs

Promo period is until May 25, 2012 only.

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