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EDEN Cheese Introduces First-Ever Celebrity Mom Endorser Judy Ann Santos

Cheeeeese! I so love cheese! And I love eating cheese alone. One of the all-time favorite-cheese is EDEN. It’s been with us for many years and everytime Mum cooks yummy spaghetti/pasta, she will shred a cheesy EDEN Cheese on top on it before serving to us – the kids!

Meanwhile, after so many years in the market, Eden Cheese introduces first-ever celebrity mom Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo with her daughter Yohan. Well, the brand has made the perfect choice in choosing an endorser because Juday is one of the celebrity that reall has a very good family orientation. Thus, the long wait is definitely worth it.
soooo sexy!
Why Judy Ann “Juday” Santos-Agoncillo? 
Simply because Juday, aside from being a celebrity/chef, symbolizes the Eden mom which is one who is nurturing and makes her family her top priority. With Juday’s help, Filipino moms will be encouraged to make their family moments more special with Eden Cheese. Eden Cheese can transform ordinary breakfast and meals into more enjoyable and memorable moments for the family with its delicious taste and “Lusog Lakas” nutrients. Oh well, from Mara Clara days until now, Juday is the perfect celebrity that Pinoy moms can relate to. 

Eden Cheese TV Commercial:
Let’s talk about the new campaign of Eden cheese. The campaign emphasizes that it is every mom’s partner in ensuring that she gives her family the nutrients they need and the taste they all love. In addition, Moms really knows best! Everybody already knows the taste of Eden, but what they don’t know is that it has the nutrients that you would find in a balanced meal.  So, actually, by making it part of the family’s daily meals, it not only gives the family the “palaman” they enjoy, but it also helps them meet their nutrition requirement for the day. And also perfect for those person who are on-a-diet-mode.

Furthermore, Juday is very selective when it comes to brands that she endorses.  She chooses to endorse brands that have value for her and her family. She puts her trust in brands that really make a difference for her family in order for her to provide the same trust for moms through the brands she endorses because she is aware that other moms seek good advice so she will never encourage other moms to try a product if she does not find the benefits of using it.  

Why Judy Ann “Juday” Santos-Agoncillo chose Eden Cheese? 
Well, she chose to endorse Eden Cheese because it has been a Filipino favourite for many years (ours favourite too!), trusted by generations of moms.  Juday likes its creamy cheese taste that is so distinctively Pinoy and she likes that her kids also love its taste. More importantly, she likes the fact that it has Lusog Lakas nutrients, or those important nutrients which you can find in a balanced meal which is really good for the kids and kids-at-heart who are very selective when it comes to the food they eat. And so for Juday, Eden is “more malaman than other palaman.” 
Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo with Eden executives
Make Eden Cheese a part of your meals and make your ordinary days better and nutritious (Lusog Lakas nutrients that you can find in a balanced meal) at affordable price. Juday and Yohan love it and you would as well, for sure!

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