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OFW: For The Sake of Dreams and Family’s Future

When I was a kid dreaming of working abroad was one of my dreams though I didn’t really know how it feels to work at the foreign land. Now, that I’ve grown up, finished with my school, done with my degree, been working for 5 years in a corporate world and got an offers to work to Singapore and/or Malaysia but declined them, working abroad is not an option though sometimes I’ll reconsider since being an OFW runs to the family (Kuya Z worked at Taiwan for 4 years and now he’s working at Australia and Kuya R worked in Japan for 3 years) but at the end of the day I’m still not interested. Well to some, earning dollars is a very good motivation and inspiration to work outside your homeland. However, being an OFW is always a fearless decision to come up. Is it because for the sake of your dreams or for family’s future?  
My Kuya R worked at Japan 2 years ago. He has a family to support. Though it’s hard to be alone in such far place away from his loved ones and of course with his new-born baby girl, he still needs to go abroad for him to give the best things for his family. I witnessed how he missed his baby and loved ones and I know talking with webcam via Skype or YM can give joy to my Kuya R that’s why we always go online then. Fast forward, after 3 years of being an OFW he went home. He has money; he already had an investment; bought a house for his family. But his daughter didn’t know him. My niece was like “siya yung lalaki sa webcam (he’s the guy on the webcam)” and when she heard his voice “Mama, siya yung kausap natin sa telepono, diba? ” And that conversation hurts a lot!

That’s the downside of being an OFW, but then Kuya R got no choice because he wanted to give the best in life for his family and he cannot do it if he just works here in our country. Well, one of the sad stories to be told here but that thing does exist. That’s why, I hate it when I need to accompany them on the airport. Being in a Departure Area of NAIA was not a good place wherein there’s always a sad face, sad story, crying, and endless hugging that if one can change their decision right there and then they will. 

On the other way around, Kuya Z worked at Taiwan for 4-years and now working in Australia. He’s a bachelor so the reason of working abroad is to fulfill his dreams. He believes that working in other countries will make his dreams to reality in a short period of time. Well, I can attest to that, he can now drive his own luxury car that I also dreaming, have investments and the likes. And most of the times, he give us the things that we wanted to have. That’s the best part of having a Kuya who works abroad. We are spoiled! Teehee!

Meanwhile, whatever reasons why an individual leaves the country and rather an OFW, I salute them for their courage!

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