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食べましょう at Sumosam Gateway Mall Branch

An additional count to Marvin Agustin’s growing and expanding numbers of restaurant, the Sumosam at Gateway Mall!
Sumosam Gateway Mall Branch
I was luckily invited by Ms. Tina (PR) to the grand opening of the Sumosam Gateway Mall Branch last May 29, 2012 (Thanks for the invite and I’m so sorry for the super-duper late post but the press release was already posted here after the event, sometimes work-related stuff really does get in the way of blogging, but then it is better late than never.). Moving forward, I wanna share with you guys the food we feasted on during the grand opening of Sumosam since buffet table was also available during the event.
Fruit Platter. Cute!
Oh boy, Aren’t they delectable-looking foodies?! In most cases like this, I’m always having a hard time writing this one because as of this moment I am already craving for some tempura and chicken yakiniku. And oh, that cute-designed fruit platter with ice bits is way too perfect for my diet!
The overall dining experience was so great! The Japanese food Sumosam serves are sumptuous and succulent. The red and green iced teas were so refreshing – perfect for a thirsty you! Plus, the ambiance is cozy and relaxing that diners like me look for. In addition to that Sumosam Gateway Mall branch is accessible especially when you’re from MRT Cubao.

Until the next food trip!

For more photos of the Sumosam Gateway Mall Grand Opening, click here.
To read press release, click here

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