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Travelog: Aguila Beach Resort in Anilao, Batangas

This travel adventure happened last April 28, 2012, so this post is quite super-duper late. But then, it is better late than never. Hence, the photos first because it speaks a thousand words. Ha-ha.

Ate Jinkee invited us (6 bloggers/photographers) to Aguila Beach Resort located in Anilao, Batangas to taste the sumptuous food Eagle’s Den Café serves, the side trip on the beach to have the summer tan was an awesome additional to our agenda. Well, the original plan was just to have a one day stay at Aguila Beach Resort but due to unplanned circumstances we had stayed for 2 days and 1 night. Though, there’s a mishap during our stay because the owner who's just 2 meters away from us nearly drowned while we were having fun swimming on a salty water. Thanks God everything went well – the owner is OK after he rushed to the nearby hospital’s emergency. I must say, everything is really happens for a reason. It is just the perspective of every person on how he analyzes and accepts the incident. 

Going back to the Aguila Beach Resort, everything was beyond expectation. Well, I've been to Nasugbu, Batangas but what I've seen to Anilao, Batangas was something beyond beautiful. It was more of fascination to nature (I was like remembering the soothing voice of the yoga instructor during my yoga session in Beyond Yoga -- feel the air you breathe, feel the heat of the sun, feel the sound of the waves and yadah-yadah!) It was music to my ears. Tranquil!

By the way, it was also my first time to capture a beautiful sunset and the feeling of watching the sunset was awesome and of course romantic! Sunset was a quiet, warm and cozy encounter with the beauty of nature.

Moreover, if you are not in the mood to swim on the beach, Aguila Beach Resort has an alternative swimming pool. The cottages have fun and cute design like the one we had – Winnie the Pooh! But if you just wanted to enjoy the beach during daytime, there’s an available Nipa Hut Cottages or Tables for your group – whether for your family or barkada. The resort is one of the best destination for your summer getaway. ☺  

Meanwhile, a seed to friendship of the seven people (who also created a group and a website called the The Road Trippers) gradually grows from then on. And I am looking forward that that seed will day-by-day grows continually and colorful blossoms will soon rise.

See Yah!


  1. First thing when we search aguila beach resort we come up a company outing just this holy week, as first impression at pictures we the was really excited to reach the place but when ere there we are really dissapointed the place is dirty,the facilities is not good, the staff are not friendly,especially the older lady who is i think the manager shes not capable being a head of that resort her attitude is not good to customers shes reluctant,sarcastic and the way she entertain the gust complained sounds queer. OMG it is not good for tourist destination I highly recommended for people who are planning to go at AGUILA BEACH RESORT the place is not safe and no life guard too,water is not clean there's sea orchine on swimming area one of our staff was damaged by this sea creature but nothing help us.
    Beware to go on that place.You will not enjoy your outing vacation.

  2. Beware for those who plan to Go at AGUILA BEACH RESORT AT ANILAO BATANGAS,I highly recommend not to go on that place you will not enjoy ur summer outing, the place is messy,dirty facilities are not good and not safe place to with, staff has an bad attitude especially thr old lady who i think the head or manager BASTOS!!!! Mukhang PERA!!!!
    No lifeguard and has a dirty swimming area many sea orchines which is dangerous to people.
    BAD SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. the resort looks good on pictures but it was really disappointing when you actually go there. the place is overcrowded ( I wonder why people still go there), the beach is dirty. Everything about this beach resort is crappy from the staff to the beach itself. Some of the guests are bastos too. We are from manila and we've wasted our time, effort and money in going to this beach resort. Do not go here. You'll regret it.


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