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Rainy Saturday Casual Attire

It’s been raining yesterday and what I wanted to do was to sleep, sleep and sleep. But then, due to certain commitments, I have to get up, take a bath, fix myself and have to leave my bed. *sigh* I know someday, I will get rid of this and will be back on my normal life. I guess, once step at a time will do. Albeit, slowly but surely.
What I’m wearing: hoodie top from Surplus | Levi’s 501 short from Levi’s | shoes from Anthology | flower necklace from Forever21 | watch from Ninewest | charm bracelet from Boracay

I have to wear something casual and comfortable yet stylish for an on and off rainy Saturday for me to comfortably do my errands without any hassle.Thanks to my accessories that adds life to my casual life. Yes, accessories do wonders on a lousy outfit.

Hugs and Kisses..  

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  1. Hi thanks for visiting my blog :) Oh what cute accessories, I have a similar jade bracelet I wear it all the time! I am going to follow you on facebook since I changed to wordpress I cant use googleconnet now.


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