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LipIce, my lip's BFF!

Having a BFF is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have, and once it is within reach I make it a point that I would do everything to make it last. Oh boy, I know if you find your bff you will not be alone anymore, hmm... having a BFF is like having a knight in a shining armour!  

I’ve found a fancy and cute facebook app that is dedicated to your BFF, as we celebrate the World Friendship Month. It belongs to LipIce, a lip care products that are exclusively distributed at all Watsons Beauty Stores. LipIce is a brand that is targeted to the Teens & Young Adults like me.
Lipice’s Fruity lip care products can be your lips’ BFF because it is giving you gorgeous healthy lips everyday!
What makes LipIce special?
¤ LipIce has a young, fun & trendy image.
¤ A cool and trendy lip balm that is fun to use, makes me look good and at the same time protect/ moisturize my lips.
¤ A combination of functional, fun and beauty.

With a range of lipbalm with fruity flavors that provides fun, cooling & refreshing sensation. 
It has:
¤ Natural moisturizing ingredients
¤ SPF15 sunscreen protection
¤ Colour free
¤ 5 fruity flavors (Strawberry, Apple, Grape Blackcurrant, Lemon, Orange Mandarin)

And recommended for daily use for only P89.Your lip’s bff also gives you an extra protection against harmful sunrays becase of its SPF15. Cooling, moisturizing, and provides relief for dry, chapped lips all year round. ^-^

About the Fruity Digital Note FB App
Lipice celebrates with My Awesome BFF World Friendship Month. BFF is your trusted friend through thick and thin. Your  BFF shares your fun and fears, laughter and tears, always there to help you be your best everyday. Just like them LipIce is your lips’ BFF giving you gorgeous healthy lips everyday!
And I just participated on the World Friendship Month! Look, Me and my bff Marj posing with our favorite pastime and bonding moment – eating desserts!

To know more about LipIce, like them on Facebook here.

Stay tuned for my review soon. ^-^ How about you, who’s your bff? Kindly share with us by commenting below.

Happy Loooong weekend!


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