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Music: Per Sorensen the voice behind Fra Lippo Lippi is “Master of Imperfection”

I never dreamt that someday I’ll meet the man behind the hit songs of 1980’s “Beauty & Madness” and “Everytime I See you,” that I am fond of listening during my high school days. Oh, when the song “Later” was released last 2002, I fell in love with the Fra Lippo Lippi and oh boy, Per Sorensen is simply amazing! Super thanks to Universal Records as they invited me for Fra Lippo Lippi’s Per Sorensen Master of Imperfection Album Launch yesterday, August 6 at 3pm.

International singer-songwriter Per Sorensen, the voice behind the bestselling Norwegian music export Fra Lippo Lippi, has released his new solo album “Master of Imperfection,” which includes his new recordings of Fra Lippo Lippi’s classics “Later” and “Beauty and Madness.”
Master of Imperfection highlights the endearing vulnerability to Per’s voice, where melancholia pours down to the cracks of these tracks. Per adds, “In 1986, I wrote the song Beauty and Madness with lyricist Rune Kristoffersen for the upcoming Fra Lippo Lippi album Light and Shade (1987). You're either too young to remember, or too old, for that matter. Anyway, I love that song, so I re-recorded it for this album. Hope you like it, too!

Master of Imperfection” includes ten songs, which, hopefully, will lift your soul for some forty `minutes since the album has Loneliness as his first single and a cover of James Taylor’s Fire and Rain..

1. I Hurt You
2. Tell Me Once
3. Will I Recognize
4. Beauty and Madness
5. Later
6. The Truth Behind Our Lies
7. Loneliness
9. The Waiting Game
9. It Could Be Nice
10. Fire and Rain

Some photos during the “Master of Imperfection” Album Launch.

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  1. Fra Lippo Lippi is such a classic and great singing group and I really liked most of their songs.

  2. @Franc Ramon
    I agree with you Ramon. Fra Lippo Lippi is classic and great! Thank you!

  3. Lovely! I like Fra Lippo Lippi too!

  4. They are one of the biggest group on 80's it's one of those cassette tapes that I bought before and played it on Sony Walkman! Those were the days.

  5. I need to go back to his tracks... it's been a while since I've heard his songs.

  6. @Cheska Cruz Indeed! Thank you!

    @AdoboTech Digital Technology Ohh.. soo sweet, such a fan! How I wish I also have something like that so I can show it to Per. <3

    @Rizza Gatchalian His voice is soothing, can be considered a feel-good music.

  7. you're lucky to see him in person! :)

  8. Loved this artist! Wish I could be as lucky as you to meet him in person!

  9. Really classic music in here. I have hear a few or some of their songs before and didn't know that they are still recording.

  10. wow, lucky you.I love this band. I am one of the 80's generation and I can say that the music back then are much much ,way better than today.


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