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Take Control! Live the a!life! And be One of the Brand Ambassadors

 We lived in a polluted and chaotic world of the Metro. Aside from that, most of the employed women, ladies and gals are working in a call-center environment wherein, most of them, sacrifices their health for just for a living and do their responsible part as an individual. But how we can work continuously if we are taking risk of our health, like having a sleepless nights, not eating healthy foods and not active to any sports or extracurricular activities. In that, I must say that we need to take control on everything as we go on our daily lives.

Yes, Taking Control Is the Key to live the life we wanted - a!life!

Every woman like me desires to live the a!life. By the way, you may wander what is “living the a!life,” well, it simply means that we have achieved success in the multiple  aspects of our lives – whether at home, career, or even on attainment of our personal goals. We are fulfilled. We are satisfied. We are happy!

In our quest to attain the a!life, we’ve become a superwoman, doing multitasking, dabbling in anything that piques our interest, and of course, excelling on everything we does. I learn to adapt the multiple roles – princess to my boyfriend, confidante to my friends, a good daughter to my parents, and having an exceptional career woman to my colleagues (especially that tomorrow will be my first day to my more challenging role as a Team Lead) – all the while acting with self-confidence and grace.

How to that? Well, good health is way to success! As I face the challenging world every day I see to it that I am in control and protected. One key factor to good health is maintaining a healthy body weight, now; I’m still working to achieve my ideal weight, like having a 30mins-1hr jogging after office hours and of course eat a healthy diet.  In a country where an increasing number of people suffer from obesity, the threat of chronic degenerative diseases is ever present. Controlling body weight is essential in ensuring good health, but ditching carbohydrates or depriving herself through crash dieting is not an option. I can say that simply because I have tried before to feel the instant and easy weight loss but it just ended up on rushing to the hospital because my tummy ached so bad that I can no longer bear the pain.

Moving on, we are now lucky nowadays that there is a health supplement that helps block carbohydrate absorption so that we can now indulge ourselves in carbohydrates without the guilt.
a!life Control is a breakthrough supplement containing Phase 2™, an all-natural white bean extract proven by multiple clinical studies to minimize the absorption of carbohydrates. a!life Control reduces the caloric impact of starchy foods while lowering one’s glycemic index. Used in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise, this carbohydrate blocker can also assist in weight control. Taken 10 minutes before a carbohydrate-loaded meal, a woman can now control her weight and achieve the slimmer figure she’s always wanted.

Created specifically for the woman who desires inner health and outer beauty, a!life Control is just one product in an entire range of supplements derived from natural sources. Safe and effective, and with dual-action benefits, the other wonderful supplements in the a!life range include:

a!life Energy Made from Malunggay leaves, this supplement gives one an extra boost of energy for optimum physical performance.
a!life Protect Radiant, fairer skin can attained with this supplement containing Pycnogenol®, a super anti-oxidant that helps the immune system defend against free radicals.
a!life Restore Moisturize skin from within for a youthful glow with this supplement that contains Injuv™, a Hyaluronic Acid that helps erase signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines.
a!life Posture Containing both Calcium and Ostivone®, which helps increase bone density,  this supplement can help one keep bones strong for  better posture.
 a!life Trim A supplement made with a combination of Ampalaya and Banaba, it aids in the management of blood sugar levels for those at risk of diabetes, while helping one maintain a trim figure.

With a!life’s range of food supplements, as a woman, we can bring forth our beauty and strength through radiant health that shines through like our online brand ambassadors that also lives a healthy mind and body, in control and empowered to seize our goals. After all, if there's one thing a woman truly deserves, it is to live the a!life.
I bet, you wanted to be one of the brand ambassador who lives the a!life, well, joining is as easy as 1-2-3, kindly read on for the mechanics!

Take Control! Live the a!life Facebook Promo
1.    Promo submission is open to all a!life fans from August 25- September 14, 2012. If you are not yet an a!life fan, you need to "Like" the a!life page in order to join the promo.
2.     Participants should upload their photo and post how a!life Control helped them Live the a!life. During the voting period, participants should also invite their friends to like their entries by sharing the link.
3.     Participants should tell their friends to vote by clicking "like" in their post from September 15-28,2012. If the friend of the participant is not yet an a!life fan, she/he wll have to first like the page in order to be a fan of a!life in FaceBook.
4.     Two winners will be selected based on "like" Facebook votation and through discretion of a!life organizers based on the following criteria below. 50% of the score will come from the / on-line votes and 50% will come from the a!life organizers.

a!life Organizers' Criteria for Judging:

·      Relevance of their answer to the given question = 30%
·      Creativity of their answer = 20%
·      Incorporation of a!life brand message/benefits = 20%
·      Profile and image of the user/participant (based on profile and photo submitted) = 30%

Total Score = 100%

5.     From September 29-October 3, 2012, all submitted entries will be collated for deliberation by a!life organizers. Winners will be announced on October 5, 2012 through the Facebook page.
6.     Each winner will receive the following prizes: one (1) umbrella, complete a!life product range, Php10,000 cash prize, professional make over and photo shoot, and appearance in article spread in Winners also win one of any of the prizes: P2,000 worth of SM Gift Check, P2,000 worth Executive Check-up or P2,000 gym pass.
7.     Winners will also receive a personal notification on the schedule of make-over and shoot with for an a!life spread feature within October 2012.
8.     Contestants need to agree to the terms and conditions of the promotions. Should a winner be selected, she should agree to appear in the spread and allow the usage of her photo and story, otherwise this forfeits her from winning, and another winner will then be selected by the a!life organizers.
9.     Winners have to claim their prize from Yehey located at the 38th floor of Discovery Suites, #25 ADB avenue,Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Provincial winners will have their prizes delivered via Xend Express c/o Yehey. Unclaimed prizes by October 10, 2012 will be forfeited.
10.  Employees, advertising and promo agencies of Pascual Consumer Healthcare Corp are disqualified from joining the promotion.
Now you, too, can take control and live the a!life! Be one of the faces of a!life and join top bloggers Dominique, Martha, and Czjai as online brand ambassadors.  Plus, a chance to win P10,000, a professional make over and photo shoot for a featured spread in

Be Fit and Fab Ladies!

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