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The Search for MAGIKERONG PILIPINO 2012 – Nationwide Stage Category – starts on September to November!

ILLUSIVE – Group of Magician presents “MAGIKERING PILIPINO 2012 – Nationwide Stage Category.”

Pilipino Magic Lives on in “The Search for the ILLUSIVE Magikerong Pilipino.” The ILLUSIVE Nationwide search Magikerong Pilipino brought magic to a revolutionary and dynamic concept in the Philippines for live audiences. This nationwide search for outstanding magicians has created enormous awareness and now, audiences eagerly wait for the SEASON 3 of the MAGIKERONG PILIPINO (MP) STAGE category 2012.
As we announce the MP season 3 this coming September to November 2012 of the ILLUSIVE nationwide search Magikerong Pilipino STAGE competition is OPEN, with much MORE excitement and surprises. KSM Events Management is the first to hold the climactic finale of the first-ever invitational search for best open-stage magician in the Philippines, titled “The Search for the ILLUSIVE Magikerong Pilipino” started last 2010.

From Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao “Illusive” and “KSM” held all elimination on different regions and provinces partnering with other local establishment and event team to be able delivery the same outmost expectation of the MP standard. 

Magikerong Pilipino project is engine and run by the  Illusive magician members , who have their own designated position on making this a successful event every year ; Ron Mariano, Stage Director - Aldino, Official Board Manager /Host - Marlon Ablay, Backstage Director and Nap Bargas Perez, Consultant/Primary Judge , Jb dela Cruz , Host and event consultant. With our resident Judges: Lou Hilario and Chubster Flores

Magic performances require as much artistry and creativity as other forms of entertainment. No doubt, there are many street-magicians, stage magician and other performers in the country that are eager to show their talent and skills in the craft. With this event, we are hoping to give our brothers in magic a chance to shine and remind the country how memorable excellent magic acts can be for all ages,” said Napoleon Bargas Perez.

Through the competition, the search for MAGIKERONG PILIPINO hopes to give all Filipinos with the passion for magic a chance to showcase their talent and be recognized for the years they have spent perfecting their craft. We encourage them to keep practicing, believing and joining that it will eventually give them the triumph that they wish to achieve as we will continue to do this as an annual celebration for all the MAGIKERONG PILIPINO.

The ILLUSIVE search for Magikerong Pilipino promotes the “BEST MAGICIAN” within the Asian region as a prelude to Asian international competitions. This national MAGIC event is the vehicle of every Filipino magician to be able to ultimately proudly represent the country.

As a team and organization, ILLUSIVE is motivated and inspired by its guiding thrust to assist in promoting local talent, social responsibility, skill in the art of magic , and creative performance  --  a combination which differentiates itself from other similar international magic competition. 

This MP Season 3  in partner with our OFFICIAL Venue STAR MALL  will surely give a tremendous ride of world class set up and venue install that will surely give a audiences  one magical event one after the other never before seen in Philippine magic every time.

So we hope to see you on the coming schedule of Magikerong Pilipino Season 3.

Partner Sponsors: STAR MALL, Mossimo, Lily’s Peanut Butter, Skechers Kids, Pocari Sweat, Ever Bilena, Black Water, MaMonLuk Restaurant and DIVI MAGIC SHOP.

JB Dela Cruz – Host/Event Consultant
Ron Mariano- Stage Director
Aldino– Official Board Director
Marlon Bibo– Backstage Director
Nap Bargas Perez – Magician Consultant/Primary Judge
Road Director - Rodel Mercado
Group Visual Designer - Nathan Gonzales
Resident Judges – Lou Hilario and Chubster flores

KSM Events Management and ILLUSIVE – Managing Director: Mr. Solomon Cu

For online registration kindly check on Facebook here and KSM Events here. For other information on how to join and register, you may call the numbers below:
Rony Mariano: 0927-5354859
Nap Perez: 0927-3073877
Aldino: 0916-4274180
Marlon Ablay: 0917-5845004

Let the FUN begin and be amazed with our Magikerong Pilipino’s magic tricks! 
See yah!


  1. Good organizing work. Kudos to Magikerong Pilipino.

  2. This sounds like a really neat show! I like your blog and am following you now :)

    <3 Cambria

  3. AL Jose: Yeah! Thank you!

    The Jones: Thank you sweetie!


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