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Shopping Spree at SM Southmall’s The Big Sale

I don’t mind waking up early and travelling from North to South just for the sake of shopping! Am I certified shopaholic? I guess so. Ha-ha. Well, shopping has been my stress reliever and a reward for a working hard “me.” Meanwhile, SM Southmall is on “The Big Sale,” that started last Friday, August 31 and will end up today, September 2, oh boy, you still have 1 day to experience and do a little shopping at SM Southmall. Since its payday weekend, reward yourself, too! 

And earlier, my blogger friends and I were at SM Southmall for a shopping spree! Well, shopping could be more fun if you have a shopping buddy, that’s why we were grouped into 5 with 4 members on each group. My shopping buddies were FPJ, Ate Millette and Sella. It was a great shopping experience because we were shopping together, roaming and looking for a good finds that could possibly a great steal. Well, I must say that mission accomplished because we didn’t left SM Southmall without carrying a paper bag (SM Southmall didn’t use plastic bags anymore! Kudos to that! ^-^). Yihee!

We started our shopping adventure at the 3rd level of SM Southmall. Along the alley, big discounts posters are can be seen while walking around. Hmmm... Almost everything were on sale which ranging from 10%-70% off on selected items. Sofas from the photos below from Our Home were at 20% off, comfy, looks so elegant, nice, and of course way more affordable if you purchase it during the big sale. 

From the 3rd level and looking down at the activity center, you can see that some were already done with their shopping escapade and just dropping their raffle coupons to the drop box for a chance to Win 1 of 3 ASUS Eee PC X101H, but if you have Global Pinoy Card you’ll get an additional 3 coupons. Cool! More chances of winning, huh! ^-^

Upon looking up to the Cyberzone which is on the 4th floor, you’ll see the fun, colorful and vibrant design SM Southmall had. 

Oops, we had to move and do shopping. Our first stop, Terranova, I seen the P145 – P445 big poster on their store, so I said to my shopping buddies that we need to go inside and look for something to buy. Wow! There were a lot of items like dresses, tees, accessories were on sale. Most of them were ranging from P145 and up. My goodness, we spent almost an hour on this store but happy when we came out. 

 Ate Millette and Sella. What to buy? What to buy? Hmm.. I like this, that. I want this. I want that. This is so nice and cute and so chic. Ha-ha. Those were the words we uttered when we were inside the store.

Ok, we had to keep moving because we need to see what The Big Sale can offers to us. As we walked along, we reached the Department Store. FPJ was looking at the scarf which the selling price was at only P99. I also wanted to buy one but I already had those colors of scarves on display, how I wished that the designs and colors were not limited, I’ll try my luck next time though.

WWW accessories were also at 50% off. This pearl-y bangle was at only P175 wherein the original price was P349.50. What a great steal, right?

As we continue shopping, we had a group photo op for the meantime inside the department store. Happy faces!

Of course, for all the beauty junkie out there, cosmetics were also on sale. Yay! A booming 50% off could be yours. Lippies were as low as P99.

Walked… walked… walked. And finally we headed to the Bag Section of the SM Southmall’s Department Store. Can you see that? From P799.75 down to P399.75! Of course, I wouldn’t let it passed, aside from its stylish design, it’s so colorful and fun and chic.

A lot of savings! Guys and Gals, you still have today (September 2), to avail those huge savings on your pocket. When you do the math just for the sake of savings, well, during the normal days you could only buy 1 item (let me say a budget of P500) but if you buy during the big sale you could possibly buy 2-3 items from that allotted amount. 

Meanwhile, when we were done with our errands, we headed to Black Canyon Coffee to fill our empty tummy and to take rest for a while before going home.

It’s a day of fun and excitement for our shopping spree experience at SM Southmall’s The Big Sale! Everyone looks tired but happy though. ^_^

And before my post ends, I wanna share with you the items I purchased.

 LOVE Undies (P49/each) | Terranova Maxi Skirt (P295) | Parisian Bag (P499.75)

By the way, you may also visit SM Southmall’s Facebook and Twitter for updates and promos.
 Have a blessed Sunday!


  1. seldom do we get real sale from malls... some were only making it looks like it. Yahweh bless.

  2. I agree with @5f60ca216b2605548798ff8442b88480:disqus, i suggest that if you really wanted to buy something then you have to see it before and after the sale to see the difference in price.

  3. These promos are quite tempting. But there was a time where my sister and mom saw this bag pre-sale, and then had the same prize while having the sale, and the price tag is tagged still as "on sale". Hmmmmm....

  4. for those with extra molah for shopping this is absolutely a good news for them..


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