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BIG MUNCH - Gotta go BIG, Gonna go MUNCH!

What would you expect on a rainy, holiday Friday? Hmm, aside from sleeping, staying at home watching movies like most of the people in the Metro doing as of the moment, I bet you’re also craving for a snack. Not just the usual snack but for a big snack that will accompany you throughout your rainy Friday.

Big Munch Corn Chips

Since we are already looking for something BIG, look, what arrived in the office couple of days ago? BIG MUNCH Corn Chips! It has been launched in the market to satisfy the snack craving of those who have a big appetite. It is perfect for sharing for the whole family with its big serving size available in 110g and 28g.

Big Munch Corn Chips has also three flavors to choose from – Cheese, Barbeque and Black Pepper – that definitely perfect on whatever mood you have right now.

Big Munch Corn Chip
Barbeque– Indulge in a savory flavour of barbeque in every bite. | Cheese – Taste the tortilla chip flavour topped with melted cheese. | Black Pepper – Get that extraordinary spice!

And oh, I also shared this BIG Munch to my colleagues. I loved the CHEESE. The Kiddos (my team-mates) liked the BARBEQUE while the Boss stole the Big Munch in BLACK PEPPER which was according to him was perfect for a cold weather.

Big Munch Corn Chip

By the way, BIG MUNCH is having some promo/contest every now and then, better like them on Facebook so you’ll be the first one to know. (^_^)

Keep Safe and Dry!

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