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BibingKinitan + Iced Barako

Christmas is fast approaching! And 44 days to go before Noche Buena and the day our Christ’s born. During this season, Bibingkais a part of the tradition, after Misa de Gallo we’ll buy hot bibingka. But nowadays, you don’t have to wait for Christmas season because bibingka can now be bought anytime and anywhere.

BibingKitan is one of the food kiosks that offer bibingka at its freshness! I liked the fluffiness and cheesy-ness BibingKinitan had. I’ve first known BibingKinitan during our coffee meeting with our company directress. It tasted good and from then on, Ii look forward on having Bibingkinitan’s bibingka. In addition to that, it is best paired with coffee.

And oh, have you noticed that sweet note on the other side of the cup of their Iced Barako? Sweet. Indeed. With this note, I know you’ll surely enjoy your meriendaat BibingKinitan. (^_^)

Have a Blessed Sunday!

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