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Dimsum in a Dash: Dimsum Break Opens at SM City North Edsa

From Cebu, Dimsum Break is finally brought here in Manila and opens its first branch at SM City North Edsa. Dimsum Break serves a variety of succulent dim sum in a dash.

Dimsum Break opens at SM City North Edsa

Just to give a little background about Dimsum Break, it is the fastest growing brand of Harbour City Dimsum House Co., Inc. (HCDHCI) based in Cebu. This new venture is the latest addition to HCDHCI’s growing chain of restaurants. According to HCDHCI Manager Steven Kokseng, “This is our first fast food chain in Luzon, but including Visayas region, it is already our 16th branch. We are optimistic that this number will continue to increase. Our confidence is based on the significant investment and development we have put in the past five years to support our growing branch network.”

Dimsum Break opens at SM City North Edsa

To date, HCDHCI has a total of 16 branches (11 Dimsum Break branches, three Harbour City branches and one Ding Qua Qua branch) strategically located all over Metropolitan Cebu, and the most recent is the newly opened Dimsum Break located at the 3F Annex of SM North Edsa, Quezon City.

The not-so-usual and yet affordable dim sum is truly an awesome treat to your families and friends in a dash with an interactive style because they offers a modern take on the quintessential teahouse that most the Chinese-themed restaurant offers. Attuned with today’s urbanized and fast-paced lifestyles, ingenuity and innovation gave way to another novel means of serving dim sum that will surely suits on your taste.

Spring Rolls, Dimsum Break
Stuffed Taro, Dimsum Break
Fried Shrimp Balls, Dimsum Break
Crab Pincers, Dimsum Break
Sweet and Sour Chicken, Dimsum Break
Steamed Hakao, Dimsum Break
Fried Wanton, Dimsum Break
Quail's Egg Shaomai, Dimsum Break
Bacon Shaomai, Dimsum Break
Mushroom Shaomai, Dimsum Break
Empress Roll , Dimsum Break
Shaomai, Dimsum Break

Yang Chow is also available. 

Yang Chow Fried Rice, Dimsum Break

And for dessert, we had these creamy and yummy...

Mango Custard and Coconut Cream, Dimsum Break

Looks so sumptuous, yes? (^_^) Well, these are just some of the wide selection of Dimsum Break dim sum. And yes, they’re all savoury. Plus, these authentic, quality dim sum cuisines were pocket-friendly. A complete package meal would only cost P133, P65 for an order of dim sum and the rice pot for only P68.

The brand Dimsum Break has become synonymous with authentic, quality dim sum cuisine, served from the heart at pocket-friendly rates. A complete package meal would cost a customer only P133—an order of dim sum at P65 plus the rice pot at P68. 

Dimsum in a Dash: Dimsum Break Opens at SM City North Edsa

Meanwhile, the restaurant is spacious and with a very good relaxing ambiance which is really suited for having a sumptuous eat-out. Well, you may also notice that the ceiling’s lamps are one-of-a-kind.

Will I come back? Absolutely YES! I still have to try the other dim sum. Looking forward to see you there!

Happy Loooooong Weekend!

Dimsum Break
3F Annex of SM North Edsa
Quezon City

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