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Friday Night Out: BAGA MANILA

Thanks God It’s Friday! That’s the phrase I kept uttering when it is Friday. Ha-ha. Oh well, in most people who work on a quite-so-normal environment which is working from Mondays to Fridays, Friday is the day we always look forward to. Hmm… aside from having a break and days off from work, Friday is also about hanging with friends, catching up and sharing stories that happened throughout the week which is mostly done at night, after work. A Friday night out is a time or moment that I felt that I can be with my alter ego, more of fun, laughter and sometimes with tears. But whatever emotions we had, whatever occasions we had to rejoice, Friday Night is always a call for CELEBRATION.

In line with this, BAGA Manila was also celebrated its 1st year Anniversary last Friday, November 16, 2012, it’s been a year of giving mouth-watering Barbecue and flavorful Grilled foods. BAGA (BArbecuers and Grillers Association) Manila is located at A. Venue Open Parking Lot, Makati Ave., Makati City. So, to all Makati peeps and to those who look for a new venue and hideout, this could be another great place to hang out and spend Friday night with your friends because there are varieties of barbecue and grilled food to choose from that would probably best paired with any drinks you wanted.

Meanwhile, the office-mates and I spent our Friday night at BAGA Manila. It was a fun and worth remembering night as we got to know more each other. Sharing thoughts, heartaches, stories, some sort of kalokohan and what I loved the most is, everyone enjoyed the night.


Sumptuous foods with San Miguel beer really do wonders! Why? It boosts up someone’s confidence, you gotta know something secrecy, of course, it also adds spice to the conversation, and it will make the situation from heavy to light or either way. Ha-ha.

Going back to BAGA Manila, here are the foods that we feasted on.

Looks yummy, noh? Well, they all tasted yummy!
It’s Monday but I know you’re also looking forward for Friday, plan your get together ahead, see you at BAGA MANILA.

Happy Monday! Start the week right! 

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