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Ceelin Plus’ “Kontra Sakit, Kontra Liit” Campaign

Nowadays, due to bad weather and bacteria everywhere, being prone to sickness is just an ordinary case. But if you were a parent and you child got sick, you wouldn't want anything but to wish for their sooner recovery. Aside from that, whenever we watched basketball or any sports related activities or tv program, parent also started to dream and hope that they’re giving enough nutrients as their child grows. In line with this, in promoting growth and healthy childhood that a kid can ever have, Ceelin Plus, a Unilab brand, launched its “Kontra Sakit, Kontra Liit,” a campaign that promotes strong immunity and its relation to growth stunting among Filipino children last November 6, 2012 held at Shangri-la Hotel hosted by TV Personality Patricia Hizon, mother of two.

The campaign was also designed as a response to the recent United Nations Development Programme findings that the Philippines has the second highest incidence of stunting in Southeast Asia. The conclusion was supported by a Food and Nutrition Research Institute (DOST-FNRI) study in 2011 on the nutritional status of Filipino children where it’s been found that 3 in every 10 Filipino child, ages 0-5 years old, are stunted for their age. Thus, the campaign aims to create awareness about the prevalence and high incidence of growth stunting in the country and on how strong immunity plays role in helping to address health issue.

To open the event,  a kiddie fashion show featuring Filipino kids wearing cute statement tees with clear messages like “Strong immunity makes a towering MVP!,” “Don’t get shorty, get healthy!,” and “Pag sakitin, ang paglaki nabibitin!” gracefully walked on the runway with their cutest smile and of course with great confidence.

According to health experts who gave some talked on the event, growth stunting is caused by two main factors: malnutrition and recurrence of illness or infections. The prolonged inadequacies in nutrient intake as well as recurrence of illness can slow down skeletal growth and eventually lead to linear growth retardation. It was sad to know that most children in our country suffer on such thing which become an hindrance on their growth, of growing much taller than their age or even reach the adequate measurement base on their bmi.

Thankfully, the campaign also provided a solution to this growing health concern. The “Kontra Sakit, Kontra Liit” campaign promoted preventive vitamin C and zinc supplementation among children for strong immunity resulting in normalized growth and thereby prevent growth stunting.

According to health experts, Vitamin C forms part of the body’s natural immune system and stimulates the activity of antibodies and immune cells while zinc is required for the normal development and maintenance of the immune system.  The children will greatly benefit from regular intake. So, mothers please do the necessary actions of giving the enough vitamins and nutrients your child needs. It is better to start while they are young.

To know more about growth stunting, its relationship with immunity and and how to prevent this increasing health issue among Filipino children, visit the Ceelin Plus “Kontra Sakit, Kontra Liit” website and like CeelinPlus on Facebook for more updates and tips.

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