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The New Wendy’s BBQnator that Gives a Big-Time Satisfaction

 The New Wendy’s BBQnator that Gives a Big-Time
The New Wendy’s BBQnator that Gives a Big-Time
Before the year 2012 ends, Wendy’s launched the brother of Baconator that probably gives us a big-time satisfaction – the new Wendy’s BBQnator!

The New Wendy’s BBQnator that Gives a Big-Time
Wendy’s new BBQnator is a ton of delectable taste, with 2 juicy 2 quarter pound imported beef patties, 6 strips of tasty smoked bacon, 2 slices of American cheese, savoury with hickory barbeque sauce and topped with crunchy real onion rings.  It’s a delicious indulgence only from Wendy’s for P255.00 for ala carte and P315.00 for Combo meal. This is good for a hungry tummy where one of this can really made you feel full and won’t fail to make you burp.

It’s quite big huh? Yeah, I know! That’s why, we, the lady-like eater or those who has a small tummy has the smaller version of it called the Son of a BBQnatorwhich is available for only P156 for Ala Carte and P198 for Combo Meal.

Wait, the savoury, crunchy Onion Rings is now also available at Wendy’s. Slices of yellow Spanish onions with mild, sweet flavour, lightly battered & breaded are Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside.  Perfect to go with any of Wendy’s Signature Sandwiches

The juicy-luscious filling of the BBQnator is so rich and indeed a perfect meal for every one of us. For updates about the latest sumptuous meal of Wendy’s you may visit their website (click here) or like them on Facebook (click here).

Happy Eating!

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