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Physically Absent but Mentally Present through "Salo-salo Kahit Malayo"

 What's up doc?! How are you today? Are there any happenings today in your life? How about someone special's life? Or maybe, one of your friends or family members is celebrating a once in a lifetime event and you're gonna missed it. Sad but true, this thing happens in most of us, especially if you are in a place away from your home. 

So here's a good news! Max's introduced the Max's Online Delivery. So now, you don't have any reasons not to be with your loved ones during special ocassions. Even though that you physically absent, I know for sure that they will feel your presence during special occasions through the Max's Salo-Salo Kahit Malayo

How? Please do watch the video below: 

Yes, that thing is genuine from reality and even me already experience that, too! So lemme share a story. We are a family of 6, having 2 brothers and 1 lil'sister is quite big family but we're so lucky that our parents works so hard to sent us to school and finished our studies. As we grow older and got employed, we got a better life as days passed by. My brothers worked as an OFW (the eldest brother is working in Australia while the 2nd brother worked in Japan) to sustain our living and fulfill their dreams. Quite hard because they will be working away from us. 

My 2nd brother who's married and has an almost one month old baby before he left the country had already missed the once in a lifetime happenings of his baby. And as a sibling, I can feel how much he feel sorry for his baby for being absent on those moments. 1st word. 1st tooth. 1st birthday. And. The List. Goes. On. Moments that even he wanted to be physically present he can't do anything but to work and secure his family's future - away from home. 

My second story is about my father. My father is living away from us. When my brother bought a lot in Palawan, my Dad decided to go there and back to basic. As an individual that has been raised in a province, he's thinking of going back to what a normal life has been to him - like planting, raising animals and the likes - wherein he has to live on a place with a fresh air, foods are within reach and living the simple life that he used to know. It's been a year that we already missed his Birthdays, celebrating Christmas and New Year without him because he doesn't want to go back here in Manila and that time schedule did not permit us to go there. And now, I'm already missing him. 

What I do during those special days of my dad? I just send him money and I'll call and tell him that those money is for him to buy his favorite food - Bulalo and Kare-kare. Yeah, small things that could make him happy. 

Meanwhile, I am happy to know that finally, there's a Max's Online Delivery that would deliver your loved ones' favorite dish, which is available everyday from 8am-8pm (Max's Store Hours), on his doorstep. Can't wait to surprise my dad with Bulalo and Kare-Kare on my birthday (March 15, save the date!)! Atleast, even though that he is not here in Manila, I could now possibly share my handa and of course his favorites anytime. 

Thank You Max's Restaurant for this another heartwarming innovation! (" ,)

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