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“The Sweet Escape” in Acuatico Beach Resort, Laiya, San Juan, Batangas

Lavish getaways are sometimes necessary most especially if you wanted to unwind and recuperate positive vibes and acquire ideas for a better you or maybe a time to be yourself.

Yes, the sweet escaped I had in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas probably one of my extravagant and yet memorable and remarkable getaways last year (2012). The girlfriends – Kae, Yani and Jerica - and I decided to have a weekend escape from a busy and chaotic metro and have a bonding session to a cosy and serene ambiance of Acuatico Beach Resort.

Sunday. Meet-up time: 7:30am. Meeting Place: Alphaland Magallanes. Everyone was excited. It was our first time to be together – just the four of us – in a weekend getaway, far from our loved ones and special someone. To be in a place yet unknown to us, yes we’ve heard and read so much about Acuatico Beach Resort but the location was quite strange to us. Good thing, Tito Danny, Yani’s dad, was so kind to accompany and even drove us going to the place with infinite beauty and surprises.

After 2.5 hours’ drive, a breath-taking view welcomed us that looks like the resort was reserved for us. Not crowded. Relax. Tranquil. Infinity Pool. Beach. Everything was appealing to our very eyes, a place where you can truly let everything go and have some great and pleasurable moments.

While waiting for our 12nn check-in time, we’d decided to have an early lunch at the resort’s restaurant (by the way, it is not allowed to bring your own food. Buffet lunch & Dinner is available for P560 per person) while enjoying the scenic view.

And did some photo ops…- well, in some cases I do hate having a camera simply because I’m out of the picture – with these gorgeous and fashionably classy ladies.

12nn. Check-in. We got the Terrazza for our an overnight accommodation for P13,130. Good for 4 persons. This room has two queen-sized beds and has its own view deck on the 2nd floor, has an LCD TV, a telephone and a bathroom at the ground floor.

camera was up up up there...  on our Terraza's view deck 
It’s time for another batch of photo ops in our room. Cam-whoring. What I liked the most here was that the place was limited for a few numbers of people so privacy is not an issue.

After fixing ourselves and had our bikinis on, time for more photo ops. Ha-ha. By the help of tripod and remote control, here we go again.

The girls didn’t stop to soak under the sun as they also had Kayak-ing even though it was so freaking hot because Mr. Sunshine was shining so brightly, thanks to sunscreens/sunblocks that protects our skin from the harmful sun rays, because of them there’s nothing to worry about. By the way, it was 1:30 in the afternoon when they decided to this, still, the big smile is on their faces.

after kayak-ing at 1:30pm ^_^ 

Cam-whoring once again! Girls having fun under the sun. So love the sunshine that looks like it's also having fun with us and enjoying our company. 


Afterwards, we need to go back to our room, ordered complimentary hot teas, watched TV and took some rest to be prepared on another round of Kayak-ing at 5pm, dinner and Girl’s Talk ‘til dawn and perhaps some margarita to add a little spice to our weekend bonding.

kayak-ing at 5:00pm onwards, posed for a photo ops, one of the lifeguards was so accommodating and took photos of us every now and then. Thank you so much Kuya!


Sadly, my Nikon D5100's battery was emptied. I left the extra battery and charger in our home. On the other note, if you wanted to be in this wonderful resort, just visit their website here and consider booking this weekend or anytime soon and you’ll definitely enjoy these awesomeness.
Hugs & Kisses,
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