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Food of the Day: Shakey’s Pizza and Supreme Mojos [Hard work really Pays Off]

Food of the Day: Shakey’s Pizza and Supreme Mojos [Hard work really Pays Off]

Hopefully I’ll be consistent on posting my daily dose of “Food of the Day” to show some love to my food blog. It’s been a while [decade maybe!] since the last time I posted my day-to-day food, so wish me luck and I’m really hoping to do this daily.

Meanwhile, here’s our food of the day and the story behind it. Last week, I promised to my team that if they consistently wiped out all the service requests on our queue, I’ll treat them with pizza. This also motivates them to work beyond their normal routines. Well, as they accepted the challenge, I am happy to know that every day they really did their best to left nothing on our queue before the 2nd shift comes in. [clap*clap*clap]

With that, I decided to order a Party Size (14”) Italian Sausage Pizza with 1.5L Coke Zero for P663 and Supreme Mojos for P349 from Shakey’s (dial 77-7777). Good thing, Yani has Shakey's Supervalue Card, thus, a pepperoni party-size pizza was for free.

That’s it for today! Well, I must say that hard work has been paid off!


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