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Lopez Museum & Library: Grounded - A Museal Nuerosis, Beyond Passion and Arts

Yesterday, I’ve had a chance to visit Lopez Museum for a 2nd time around with my fellow bloggers (the first time was posted here). Paintings. Arts. Crafts. Gifted Hands. Creative Minds. These are the words that come to my mind whenever I visit a museum. Well, museum is a place wherein the creations of great people with great talents and creative thinking are being displayed for public viewing.

Meanwhile, as the Lopez Museums’ theme for the month of February to August presents “Grounded.” Mainly because it is broadly suggestive as it is of a stretch of phrase: failure to launch, electronic misfires, immobilized stated, rootedness. And just in time, this latest exhibition poses Lopez Museum as it emerges from its fairly recent coming of age (since 1960) and as it prepares for a big move to Rockwell Makati making this as good as it pushes itself through time and space.

Contemporary artists namely Alma Quinto, Eric Zamuco, Goldie Poblador, Josephine Turalba and Toym Imao are some of the exhibitors.So, without further ado, let me share with you pretties my journey that somehow gave some insights on what is life to be and what life has to offer thru this artworks. In addition, sculptures/sketches/artworks are sometimes most of the times does wonders in our lives. 1:15 Meeting Time. Lopez Museum. 2:00pm the journey began. Ms. Ethel Villafranca, our curator/guide on that day.

The hallway.
After narrating the do’s and don’ts while inside the museum, we headed to Gallery 1, a research project drawing upon insight from Pasig River warriors among other pieces with a stake in our deprivations in education. This is what Alma Quinto’s “Jutay all about. Jutay is an Ilonggo word that means small. Upon entering on this gallery you’ll see tables, long chairs, dried leaves, books and many more. I was stunned on how these petty little things were reflectively arranged and on a realization that our country really strives on education. Moreover, you can also write something on the chalkboard anything that would describe you or your feelings at the moment.

Many artworks are can be seen at the Lopez Museum, and one of the creations that caught my attention the Installation of Josephine Turalba’s “Scandals” located on the Gallery 6. Scandulous? Hmmm… yes? Her obra maestra are the slippers that made of bullets. Possible? Yes! These bullet slippers are cute and you can also try them. Wear it and walk on the wood floor and on every step, you’ll hear a bang! Just kidding! The sounds it make on every step represents a bullet hums. It is something heavy, and I don’t know I just can’t explain what’s my emotion the moment I wore these pieces, it something heavy and I felt that there’s a sadness on every pair of sandals. Whatever it is, I know there would be happiness and triumphs at the end.

Furthermore, Toym Imao arrived at the Lopez Museum. It was my first ever encountered to an artist that would explain his pieces. Lucky us! Please do watch the videos below for Toym Imao, himself, explaining and interpreting his artworks.

Ship, Shift, Strip
Watch the below for Toym's interpretation...
Drawn, Drone, Drown.
 As per Toym, this piece is all about... 
Looks like machete? Ha-ha. This artworks is like an interpretation of an OFW. It's tattooed of several airport landmarks all over the world. Please watch the video below for details. 
Diyos, Choose, Dues.
An interesting piece, huh? let us know what this artwork is all about straight from the creator, Toym Imao. 
Toym Imao loves to play words as you can see on the title of his artworks. He’s imagination and creativity is truly a gift! He’s been nice to us. 

Museum serves as a sanctuary to me. Serene. Calm. Sometimes heavy. Sometimes light. Sometimes sad. Sometimes happy. And of course, whatever theme of the Lopez Museum is, it will surely hit my inner self. It has something that serves as a reflection for me to think of a better me. Life is good if we choose to, whatever the destiny has to bring. You just have to know how to handle those situations in a positive ways. For me, these installations, photos and paintings serve as a reminder, to be aware of what’s going on with our society, with our loved ones, with us. It is a rejuvenation of ideas and gives hope on everything we desire. 

With that, I will highly recommend that you have to visit Lopez Museum and be inspired of these artworks. It will help you appreciate more of your life, loved ones as well as enemies and of your sorroundings.

 “Grounded” will run until August 3, 2013. Lopez Museum and Library is at the G/F Benpres Bldg., Meralco cor. Exchange Rd., Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Museum hours are 8-5pm Mondays through Saturdays except Sundays and holidays. 

By the way, there will be a “Grounded Artist Talk” on March 9 at 2:00-4:00pm with Toym Imao, Josephine Turalba and Eric Zamuco and on June 9 with Alma Quinto and Goldie Poblado. They will discuss their passion on arts and everything about arts. Guys, this is the chance you’ve been waiting for, you got to know what’s the story behind on every piece that they done (it is better to know the story from the creator for better understanding), tips on how to choose materials and of course to understand what is art all about straight from our artists for only P120 and P100 for students. For questions and inquiries, you can contact Ms. Ethel D. Villafranca. 

For more info you can visit their website at For inquiries, you can also email them at For more updates about Lopez Museum, please like them on Facebook  and follow them on Twitter.
More photos are posted here.

Hugs & Kisses,
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  1. Aww :'> I love art!! I will visit this museum some time this month :) thanks for the post Aylin!

  2. It seems like you had great time browsing the gallery. Hope I could experience it too. Thanks for sharing this to me! More power! (:

  3. i like how the OFWs were illustrated on a person with airport landmarks tatoos. It shows how Filipinos are hardworking and how they were spread all over the world.


  4. Things pop and bump in this museum. Reading between the lines of an art is needed to have a deeper understanding in every angle, which each of it represents the life our experiences.

    Pretty nice one =)

  5. Art is a mode of expression for us.
    Things pop and bump in this museum.

    I can see beyond an art on this story. The life which an art shows

  6. Greetings!

    Thank you very much for visiting and posting your experience. We're glad that you found our museum to be a sanctuary. Hope you can join our other exhibit-related events.

    All the best,

    Lopez Museum and Library


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