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Photo Diary 12: Italianni’s

I’m sorry if I’ve been in MIA for these past days. It is just that I was preoccupied of many ideas for our business Classiorѐ. But since, I celebrated my 27th Birthday yesterday, I came with a birthday resolution and one of those is to update my blog “daily.” Yes, it might be hard for me because I also have my challenging full time day job and business at the same time but I have to deal with it. Hmmm... I have to be back on my past routine with regards to my food blog, which is posting my “Food of the Day.” So watch for it as the days passed by. I will share with you what fills my empty tummy, satisfies my craving and everything in between.

Meanwhile, the above photos are the foods we ate at Italianni’s - Caesar Salad, Pizza & Empanadas.


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