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Henann Garden Resort (a.k.a. Boracay Garden Resort)

Every time I travelled with friends and loved ones, I make sure that comfort and accessibility to everything are the first things to be consider simply because, I travel to unleash any negative vibes and chaos made by the busy Manila, to unwind and relax for me to able to gain new energy for a better tomorrow. So, staying in a posh or luxurious place is not mandatory, however, staying on such place is somehow a great reward. Therefore, my friends K and J, P and I, considered Boracay Garden (A Henann Resort) Resort located at Station 2, beachfront and right beside D'Mall, to be our home for 4 days. With a great location, with great amenities and spacious rooms, the holy week vacation was really one of the splendid things I've done so far for my getaways this year.

Boracay Garden Resort | Where We Stay?
Boracay Garden Resort (Henann Resort)

We arrived at the hotel at merely night time. Straight to our room (since the two girls had the early check in), I was astonished on how roomy our room was. But sad to say, I haven't captured decent photos other than my Instagram post during our stay so pardon me if I won't able to show you how our room looks like. Meanwhile, what I love the most with Boracay Garden rooms were the spacious restrooms that has bath tub and shower area that looks like a sauna, added to that, staffs were also friendly and accommodating and always attended our personal needs and inquiry with a big smile on their faces. Since our deluxe room doesn't have hair dryer, they're also able to lend us one without any additional cost. Thanks for that! You keep us pretty. (" ,)

Boracay Garden Resort | Where We Stay?

Moving on, after we rested for an hour, it's time to wander around the resort and look what's store for us. Hmmm.. Paradise is waiting for the gods and goddesses. Yihee! 

Boracay Garden Resort | Where We Stay?

One of the beautiful places I've been to. After dinner, we decided to stay at the poolside 'til midnight and shared some stories and talked under the dim light and shallow light of the moon about nonsense things that made us laugh crazily!

Boracay Garden Resort | Where We Stay?
Boracay Garden Resort | Where We Stay?

Since breakfast was included on our resort booking, P and I, decided to wake up early and had our buffet breakfast and did some photo ops. The foods served were of different cuisines, they had kimchi which is known as Koreans delicacy, fruits and different typical Filipino breakfast dishes such as corned beef, longganisa, bacon and egg and many more. For western peeps, they had waffles, different kinds of bread and spread.

Boracay Garden Resort | Where We Stay?
At day time, this was the stunning look of Boracay Garden Resort. 
Boracay Garden Resort | Where We Stay?

Boracay Garden Resort | Where We Stay?
Boracay Garden Resort | Where We Stay?
Terranova's Maxidress
Havaianas FlipFlops

Breath-taking, indeed! By the way, I'll be coming back on May in Boracay to cover an event and my lil'sis Ai will be coming with me. Hmm.. I'm looking forward on booking again on this hotel even for just a night, so that my sis can also experience a lil'bit of luxury since she loves swimming at the pool with a within-reach-beach.

3N/4D = PHP 15,213.00 | Deluxe Room for 2 | Free Daily Buffet Breakfast
purchased at Agoda.

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