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Caribbean Footwear: Flip Into Fun with 100% Pinoy

One of the basic needs in order for us to conquer our journey we call life are "Slippers." It plays an important role in our life, it takes us into places, protects our feet, and most of all, they are our companion as we go on our daily lives. I admit, I owned several pairs of flip-flops from top brands mainly because of the comfort, which I always look for, they are giving to my precious feet, well, the fancy designs and cute styles are just additional things to look for.

Caribbean Footwear: Flip Into Fun with 100% Pinoy
But hey, I realized that comfort need not to be costly because there are still good great stuff that connotes comfort with quality at affordable price. Good thing, I was introduced to Carribean Footwear, few days ago, as they launched their summer 2013 collections "Urban Safari." It was a day of fun and knowing enormous pieces does exist at a low cost, where price ranges from P179.99 to P300. 

Caribbean Footwear: Flip Into Fun with 100% Pinoy 
Meanwhile, let me first share with you Guys that Carribean Footwear is 100% Pinoy made. Yes, these trendy, stylish, and colourful flip-flops are 100% Proudly Pinoy. So, what makes them different to the other branded flip-flops that are available in the market

I got one and it is really comfy. I remembered that some time ago, I bought something the same with its price but I got blister because the flip-flops' strap was made by a not-so-good materials.

Caribbean Footwear: Flip Into Fun with 100% Pinoy 
I've been using it almost every day and still looks good new. 

Yes! Flip into fun with these hip and trendy pieces. Bold prints, vibrant colors and chic neutrals.

 Caribbean Footwear: Flip Into Fun with 100% Pinoy 
Art and Science. 
I will explain further on this. First, let's talk about the strap. Caribbean Footwear's cutting-edge technology has perfected the integration of comfort, durability and elegance in their strap, which is Caribbean's own invention. So, blister no more and hello happy feet. Second, the toe fashion. The balancing act of our toe is well supported by the footwear's structure without compromising fashion and creativity. Next, the mid-foot curve. They created a proper foot formation and posture that will enhance endurance while walking. On which, provide ultimate protection and scientifically designed to perfectly fit on everyone.

Caribbean Footwear: Flip Into Fun with 100% Pinoy

Moreover, it has also an Anti-Slip Technology that will prevent you from slipping when you accidentally stepped on something slippery.

Caribbean Footwear is the new locally made brand that worth a try and I guess will made you to decide to let go of your fancy and expensive flip-flops. Try it and test it for yourself and I am very much interested to know what can you say about Caribbean Footwear by commenting below.

Available at Landmark for only P170-P300.

For more information, you can visit their website. You can also like them on Facebook, follow on Instagram and Twitter for more updates and promos.

Have a Great Day!

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