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#TGIF at J.Co, Greenbelt 3

#TGIF at J.Co, Greenbelt 3, J.Co
#TGIF at J.Co, Greenbelt 3

Thanks God It's Friday! Ha-ha. Wow! After a tiring yet fun week at work, finally there is a Friday day that we can celebrate another milestone in our life. Though everyday is a celebration, still, nothing beats Friday!

As usual unplanned getaways, friends and I decided to go to Greenbelt 3 to have a sweet pampering at J.Co. It supposedly four of us but due to uncertain things that happened on that day, Yani have to leave early. But hey, as we wanted to kill our idle time we still pursued our J.Co sweet bonding. (^_^)

We were not bothered with the long line because we already had our comfortable seats inside the shop and we had so much time for waiting. Ha-ha. Talking about life, goals, motivation and inspiration, ex-bfs, happiness and wretchedness, laughing insanely with everyone's crazy stories were some of the best things life has to offer. Good thing, good friends are there to share their nuts. Well, the 3-hours stay was one of the best-est hours of my life.

On the other note, J.Co doughnuts tasted good and sweet but too much of it is not advisable. Why? Aside from the sugar content, it was also "nakakasuya/nakakaumay" (sorry, I can't find the right words to translate this in English) or maybe it's just us. We have ordered half dozen, for the three of us, of assorted doughnuts for P230 so we can taste the different variants, but then, after two hours we noticed that there were still 2 pieces left on which we don't wanted to eat anymore. Or maybe beacuse we paired it with Serenitea Milk Tea :(

So that's it! That was my Friday day. I want to read your stories, too! Just share them via the comment box below.

Have a blessed Sunday!

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