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Delicious Colourful and Affordable treats from Julie's Bakeshop

Howdy Guys and Gals! How is summer so far? Hmm... effin' hot! Yes? Well, summer is all about being and feeling hot. ha-ha. Summertime is bonding time, a brighter and lighter season when the kids are mostly at home and everyone is looking forward to weekends of get-togethers, out-of-town trips all powered by good food. So, better be prepared with your halo-halo or a cold citrus juice for a refreshing treat. But of course, how are the drinks without something to eat out, a snack or perhaps pastries to compliment your super hot being.
Delicious Colourful and Affordable treats from Julie's Bakeshop

Here are good news foodies, there is a yummy treats from the Philippines' largest bakeshop chain - Julie's Bakeshop! They launched earlier the new tasty summer treats that would add colours on our coffee tables during snack time. So lemme share with you what are those. 

Rainbow Cupcake (P12). Here you go cupcake lovers. This creation are topped with four tropical flavors such as pineapple, strawberry, buko pandan and ube, sprinkled with colorful confetti sugar. My favorite so far is the strawberry.

Delicious Colourful and Affordable treats from Julie's Bakeshop

Rainbow Round/Square Cake (P160/P45). To brighten up your day, why not take a bite of a butter chiffon cake with festive red, yellow and green layers coated in creamy whipped cream.

Delicious Colourful and Affordable treats from Julie's Bakeshop

 Yummy Yoyos (P5). These soft-rounded sandwich puffs come in varieties of orange, buko pandan, pineapple and strawberry, all with powdered sugar in between. Therefore guys, keeping the whole family, especially the kids, these healthy and colorful surprises are just in time for summer!
Delicious Colourful and Affordable treats from Julie's Bakeshop

Empanada (P10). I so love this, filled with flavourful chicken meat, which is best eaten while hot and paired whether hot or cold drinks are delightful. One thing that I like so much about these typical Pinoy snack is that even though it is not hot anymore, it does still taste so good.

Foodies, you do not have to worry about the budget because it is excessively affordable compared to others but with a great taste that suitable on your taste bud and sweet tooth.

Another great treat for kids and kids-at-heart to sink their teeth into are Fruit-Filled Breads, flower-shaped delights ready to burst with flavors of guava, mango, and pineapple. (which I forgot to take photo)

Meanwhile, with these newest creations from Julie’s Bakeshop, summer snacking would be fun, colorful and yummy for the whole family. These baked goodies are now available at all Julie’s Bakeshop branches nationwide.

For more information visit, like, follow them, on the following accounts:
Instagram @JuliesBakeshop

Have a great weekend!

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